Why Study Advertising in College

Welcome to the other side of consumerism. Not necessarily “The Dark Side,” but this side definitely has you take a sobering look at society when you consider persuasive techniques and what sparks general interest.

As a competitive market thrives - businesses seeding, flowering, blooming, and sometimes being trampled on - advertising and marketing can be the make or break for a product or company and requires people who are up for a constant creative challenge. If this sounds like you, continue reading… If not, well despite that voice from your parents, professor, or maybe even yourself telling you not to, the undeniable rush from dipping your toes in the pool of “behind the scenes” action will probably lure you in anyways.

The advertising and marketing community, a lot like a secret society of people who have thoroughly studied what rests (dreamily and susceptible to an advertiser’s intrusion) in the minds of men, women, and children of all demographics, focus on finding out what their targeted consumer wants. After acquiring this information, they learn how to phrase things just right to make it stick. Sticking where? Is it on me!?

Studying advertising and marketing isn’t just about going into the dark room, devoting your sentiments, and fostering a perspective that promotes and improves the cause (company/product). It’s about gaining awareness of the subtleties underlying the everyday transactions that are taken for granted by most consumers.

Transactions generate movement between people in stores and online. Transactions create and cultivate dynamic relationships between individuals and companies through each experience. Transactions can be fused with emotion when purchasing a product of choice. Because buying and selling can have such a distinct effect on individuals, the advertising and marketing department is of great importance to a company. That is precisely why admittance into the department usually consists of several consecutive initiation rites before commencement by the lead lion. Just joking, but there are a few paved pathways that can guide you toward a successful spot in the field.

If you’re looking for a university with a good advertising program, check out CollegeMagazine.com, where they have compiled a list of the top advertising schools based on acceptance rate, tuition, and post-graduate success.

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