You are Welcome to Post Anonymously by Entering a Nickname with no Password

Anonymity is becoming more and more important as our Internet privacy is continually being threatened. Most people do not want to share personal information when contributing and commenting on websites, so some sites will say that you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname with no password. This is obviously ideal for shy people in general. As you know, the nickname you create, also known as a handle, username, or login name, will then represent you. In some cases you will be issued an automatically numbered name, like Guest1754. Of course, the tradeoff can be spam.

One of the most popular sites where you are welcome to enter a nickname is . This is a discussion forum/bulletin board that is based around images. Anyone can post anything, as long as it sticks to the provided rules – among other things, this includes avoiding spam, not breaking the law, and not complaining about the site. This site is famous for its variety – you will find everything from Japanese anime to astronomy. is, as the name implies, another friendly place where you can comment freely. This site is dedicated to all things happiness, and you are welcome to post anonymously. is a blog site for Christian Feeger that is also being used to promote his book, "Happy...The Book," but there is much more here than advertising.

You will find a wealth of articles and resources about happiness here. The article topics range from business advice and breaking research to personal advice and gardening tips. There is also a 'Happiness Directory' where you will find a long list of happiness researchers and experts, news, and books about happiness.

The 'Happiness Quiz' on this site is designed to make you laugh as it tests your happiness level. The author cautions at the start that such quizzes are often not based on measurable facts, but instead are designed to guide you to make a purchase. Feeger stresses that such quizzes should usually be avoided, except when they are taken just for fun. Try this one out for a good laugh.

You are also welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname at . This is a support group for people who are considering, going through, or have gone through a bankruptcy. Here, you can post anonymous questions about your financial situation. In many cases you will receive answers from knowledgeable people, many of whom have gone through similar troubles. You can search through the database of already asked questions and answers, and use their great tools like the monthly debt calculator.

Some sites need more anonymity than others – RafayHacking is a good example. This site is a collection of information about all kinds of hacking, and of course, you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname and no password, because, may not want to broadcast the fact that you are visiting a hacking website. Here, you can learn about the most common Facebook hacks, how to spy on mobile phones and computers, and how to avoid being hacked yourself.

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