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How To, Who To, and More - The ABCs of Event Planning Jobs
Do you enjoy working with people? Are you an extremely well organized person? Are you good at planning, coordinating and handling logistics? Then it’s possible you could have an exciting career as an event planner. What does an event planner do exactly and where will you find event planning jobs?

First of all, event planning jobs are becoming an important aspect for most large companies, organizations and schools today. Finding event planning jobs might be difficult at times, but there is a big market for it. If you have the necessary skills and expertise for this sometimes demanding and always creative work it shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Get Started:

A good beginning is to take courses at a hospitality school in order to learn the basics of events planning, the ins and outs of catering, hospitality management, plus the necessary etiquette. You can also get hands on experience by working in the hospitality industry or for an established event planning c...

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Butterfly on Rock
Image Info Full Size Zenphoto Comment Descriptions
Most people today share pictures and other media through social networking and sharing platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Instagram. These are all decent ways to share, but for some they are not enough in the ways of customizability, ease of use, or quality of service. Thankfully, there are many photoblogging options today. Some of these can be quite complicated, but ZenPhoto is a great option for most people, which allows you to create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions.

ZenPhoto is a free and open source CMS, or content management system. It is an online media gallery for photo-and other types of blogs that provides an amazing level of quality as well as customization. It is hailed as one of the simplest and easy to use yet powerful CMS' – simplicity is in the name itself. In order to use ZenPhoto and create image info full size ZenPhoto comment descriptions, you will need a web server with your own hosting package. An Apache server with PHP...

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DB Cooper Comic
New DB Cooper Leads
Over 40 years ago, perhaps the most infamous skyjacking in American history took place over the skies of the west coast of America. A man known only as “D.B. Cooper” managed to hijack a Boeing 727 and apparently get away with $200,000 after parachuting out of the plane. He was never found. Last year, new DB Cooper leads were announced by the FBI, and their investigation continues to this day.

Apparently a credible tip came from a retired member of law enforcement. This officer had a contact who may have known the skyjacker, though the suspect has been deceased for 10 years. This won't stop the investigation, as new DB Cooper leads are still relevant to the FBI because they would like to finally be able to close the case.

The family of the suspect are cooperating with the investigation, and the FBI are examining the property of the deceased for fingerprint and DNA traces. They are hoping to match it with a DNA sample of DB Cooper taken from his tie, which he removed b...

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Teacher Teaching
Teaching Jobs Resource for the Best Engineering Schools
The engineering academic teacher today is faced with the challenge of training the next generation of engineering students to be better prepared for global grand challenges. Engineering initiatives such as those highlighted by the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C. are helping to spark greater interest in bringing these concerns to the teaching environment. Getting students interested in engineering and engaged in the dialogue of an engineering entrepreneurship mindset through collaboration with researchers, policy makers, social scientists and humanities is a prerequisite, goal, and learning process.

With these critical challenges before the engineering academic teacher, teachers looking for positions at today’s best engineering schools need the expertise and interest to help students face these complex societal issues. Today’s engineering academic teacher will motivate students by helping them be preparing to expand technical literacy and also to help educ...

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Spam Mail Picture
Very Nice Post, I certainly Love this Website Keep on it (Recognizing the Voice of Spam)
The blogosphere has blown up, not only as a good means of communication, but as a powerful marketing strategy as well. Unfortunately, since the early part of the 21st century, spammers have been coming up with increasingly annoying means to try and get their sites to rank on major search engines.

If you have done any ring time on the blogosphere, you already recognize the title “Very nice post I certainly love this website keep on it.” This is a statement that many bloggers find filling up their inboxes no matter what they do. (If I had a dime for every one of these...) In fact, some companies actually outsource the spamming as a job throughout parts of Asia. They’re paid per accepted comment, but because they have to move such high volume per hour, they never take the time to read the post. Instead, they endlessly type generic things like (you guessed it), “Very nice post, I certainly love this website...”

Ranking Means Everything


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Advertisement Studies
Why Study Advertising?
You probably already know there are countless opportunities open to the student who attains a B.S. in communications with a focus in advertising.

Advertising is an ever growing field with new job and research-based opportunities opening up all the time. In recent years, the addition of online advertising to existing advertising opportunities has brought further possibilities, and the internet of things will likely take it even further.

Advertising opportunities now go way beyond browsing through career guides and reading advice from the experts on where to begin your advertising careers. Work/study programs are becoming more and more scientific and niche, so as to receive on the job training while completing your degree.

There are many schools to choose from, including campus study or online study. You will learn overall principles, detailed techniques and technical jargon which will further prepare you for the advertising opportunities that await.

With a ra...

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Sale Signs
Ten Sales Tips that Every Sales Professional Needs to Know
Today’s top sales performers will be faced with economic challenges and global competition on an ever increasing scale. Here are 10 tips we’ve put together that can keep any sales professional standing out in the crowd and performing above the group.

  1. Set high targets. A sales professional doesn’t wait for his or her boss to set goals for them. They set their own sights and even make sure their goals are higher than the boss’.
  2. Schedule – They know how to effectively and efficiently plan their day, week, month, and each quarter or year in advance.
  3. Another trait is they will set an objective or goal before calling on their prospects.
  4. A sales professional will know the relevant questions to ask their prospects, and these are targeted to the heart of the matter. Don’t ask weak questions that lead nowhere, get to the hard questions, the real core that makes the prospect think.
  5. They don’t do all the talking, they take time to de...

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Business Majors
Why Major in Business Management?
To business executives, the answer is clear. An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, has gotten them far. Many others in the workplace will agree, including but not limited to individuals with jobs in management, accounting, finance, sales, and marketing, that good business management skills are absolutely vital to their job stability and forward progress.

It is a well known trend that achievers are often bursting with excellent business management skills, while many underachievers struggle with or lack some basic business management training. Skills such as organization, planning, strategizing, people management, time efficiency, critical thinking, analyzing and evaluating business functions, and more are greatly needed in the business world. This applies equally to large corporations as to new small businesses.

Majoring in business management and especially receiving a degree in it has proven to open the doors to countless career opportunities. Some examples are...

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