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Best Twitter Feeds to Follow
2012 has ushered in another tidal wave of social media trends. While other heavy hitters in the industry go public and then tank, Twitter holds strong; it grows. It’s hard to believe that as a company Twitter is less than 10 years old. Back in 2006, some said it was impossible for a concept that only allows 140 characters to prosper in a virtual reality based on communication. Ironically, it seems that last time anyone checked, there are about 150 million users on Twitter worldwide.

Twitter is a mass of swarming digital personas tapping into cultural revolutions, geo-political scandals, hacker collectives, and global shifts. Sometimes it’s hard for people new to the community to know where to start. The first thing to keep in mind is that while the user population is huge, they’re for the most part all tucked neatly into niche groups around common concepts, preferences, and tastes.

This article will touch on some of the best Twitter feeds to follow for the most talked about topics in the Twitterverse.

Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for News

  • For current events from a more anti-establishment perspective, “Occupy Wall Street” captured a portion of the news category. According to TIME magazine, it was one of the very best in 2012.
  • If one is after something with a less mainstream feel to it, “OMG Facts” is an extremely active account with nearly 5 million followers and counting.
  • However, through western media champions like “Anderson Cooper” and “BBC Breaking News,” anyone can be up to date on trending stories.
  • Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Economic Data
  • “The Economist” has more than enough to offer the econ geeks out there who relish in the verbiage of money.
  • “Zerohedge” is an anonymous blog that delivers both in depth economic news daily, but incredible commentary.
  • “Freakonomics” may definitely be slanted to the left, but the quality of tweets and information that springs from the book’s following are quite interesting.

Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Political Discourse

  • “Matt Taibbi” is a journalist most well known for his columns and articles in Rolling Stone. Everything he writes stirs controversy, but tells it like it is.
  • “The Daily Beast” stems from a blog with immense traffic that is steeped in the political drama of the day.
  • “Stephen Colbert” and the Colbert Nation always deliver the news with hard hitting and infinitely funny satire. Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for Entertainment
  • “GalleyCat” is for book and ebook lovers. They basically cover anything about books from nearly every angle imaginable.
  • “Televisionary” delivers all of the juicy TV details for those that love it. From network to reality shows they’ve got the skinny on all the good stuff.
  • “Eonline” attracts all the gossip lovers out there. If it has something to do with stars, then it’s being talked about on this feed.

Another method to get started is to simply use the hashtag feature. Sign into Twitter, think of a word that relates to any kind of interest, then put“#” before it into the search bar and hit enter. In seconds, tweets with that hashtag will blur across the screen waiting to be read, clicked, and followed. Enjoy!

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Church Anniversary Themes and Scriptures
These days church anniversary themes and scriptures strive to reflect the downward pressure of modern society on faith and empower the faithful. These occasions are of extreme importance to countless people, and the traditions involved are held sacred. While there are lots of different anniversaries involved in church life, in this article we’ll investigate some of the methods behind church anniversary themes and scriptures that are being used today. Additionally, we’ll go over some great tips for how to get one going.

Reasons Behind Celebration

Throughout scripture, the church is instructed to share itself, and its works with the world. Anniversaries are a way to show everyone all the wonderful things that have happened because of, and, within it. The history of a church is often times deeply rooted in the history of the area around it. It’s always a good idea for a congregation to periodically set aside some time to rejoice, celebrate, and in other words advertise itself to the community.Church anniversary themes and scriptures should be bright, colorful, and yet humble without being too flashy. The scriptures should be those that strengthen solidarity, and bring the faithful closer together with not only those they worship with, but those that have yet to be saved.

Frequency of Celebration

Typically most churches should strive to have an anniversary celebration every 25 years. This is because of the generational impact, but there is nothing wrong with having them more often. Ideally, major celebrations should happen throughout the year, and not always be in connection to holidays.

Church anniversary themes and scriptures come is countless different forms, and it’s not a good idea to have them always revolving around Christmas or Easter. They should strike a local tone that speaks for a church’s identity, while at the same time be representative of the church as a whole.

How it Works

The very first thing that a church should do is gather a committee they can appoint to look over and coordinate the celebration. Oftentimes church anniversaries can be highly complimented by bringing in the community to take part. The committee can work with artists and crafters all over town to come up with amazing results and advertising methods. The more people that take part in the celebration the better, but it needs to be orderly. Here are some tips:

  • Create a Theme - Once the theme is set, everything can build from there. The theme is the foundational aspect of everything.

  • Employ Members - Again, take advantage of gifts and members who want to contribute.

  • Pay Special Attention to Visuals - Both the overall environment of the church should be taken into account, and the indoor scheme. Any theme or decorations should compliment them.

  • Include Children - Children are always important because they remind people how important the church is for youth, and why memories are so important.

  • Reflect History - The biggest service that celebrations perform is bringing into the present, all the positive, encouraging, and inspiring things within the church’s history.

Church anniversary themes and scriptures are extremely important, but at the end of the day, what is most important is that the celebrations occur to bring people of faith closer together. Plan carefully, take advantage of the full congregation, and make memories that last.

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Buy US Proxy Servers for Anonymity
The list of reasons to buy US proxy servers is nearly a mile long. The truth is that a big majority of the innovation in virtual reality comes out of America, and having an American IP address means plenty. Here’s a brief run down on the most popular things people do once they decide to buy US proxy services:

  • It seems the number one reason these days is to keep the user account anonymous. Internet scrutiny and censorship is taking a turn for the worst, but with the use of a proxy server, identities are concealed.

  • With most home or small business computers, cleaning the cache is a regular thing. However, with a proxy, the traffic is highly controlled so the caching can be drastically sped up to get hold of certain habitual resources.

  • Proxy servers can save bandwidth by making it nearly impossible to download the same content twice.

  • Proxy servers can scan everything coming in to cut down on malware and viruses. Additionally, they can also check outgoing data and prevent the loss of important information.

  • For larger businesses that have lots of employees logging in and using the net, if a company decides to buy US proxy, they can keep tabs on everything.

Buy US Proxy for Enhanced Options

Here’s a list of ways that proxy servers can help deal with some of the red tape in the virtual world when it comes to access and restrictions:

  • Once a site or business goes global, it becomes important to have protection in place that can effectively restrict unwanted sites.

  • If one is located in a part of the world that is cut off from the westernized side of the net, choosing to invest in a proxy can get access where foreign blocked ISP’s cannot.

  • These days, as mentioned before, governments blocking content for whatever reason is becoming more widespread. Through the use of a proxy server, access can be maintained.

  • When dealing with certain types of files, for example images or music, there are lots of cross-domain restrictions to grapple with. A proxy server can make the process far more efficient and automated. For businesses that deal with digital entertainment on a daily basis, this s a huge tool.

The 3 Types of Proxy

  1. Sometimes referred to as, gateway proxies, the first type deals with passing on requests and responses through information tunnels.

  2. The second type of proxy, known as a forward proxy, acts almost like search engine web crawlers. They’re used to get a wide variety of information and files from a long list of sources nearly anywhere on the net.

  3. The third type is a reverse proxy. These are used for performing maintenance and security tasks on larger servers so that business doesn’t slow down. From caching to decryption, a reverse proxy is typically located on a private network.

Everyday private citizens and modern web based businesses are finding more reasons to buy US proxy services. As major lawsuits and increasing police state mentality win favor with governments, it’s quickly coming to the point where not having or renting a proxy server is being viewed as an unnecessary risk.

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Harvard Bankruptcy Help
From disturbing unemployment data to shocking housing market figures, the numbers are in and the US is in an economic depression. Since the dollar was taken off the gold standard, the credit expansion has been legendary, and all bubbles must pop no matter how big they are. Everyone’s been affected. Whether for small mom and pop shops, global corporate giants, international hedge funds, or state governments, Harvard bankruptcy help is in high demand.

If the future is at stake, people look for the best, most highly trained, and professional lawyer money can buy. This is when the oldest law school in the US comes into the picture. Let’s face it; Harvard bankruptcy help can trace its origins back 200 years, which is far older than any present day fiscal problems. This is the same university that pumps out senators, presidents, governors, fortune 500 CEO’s, and some of the world’s most successful people.

At the end of the day, if the Eurozone collapses and in its wake the US must go through a hyperinflationary reset, they’ll ask for Harvard bankruptcy help. Furthermore, if Americans need some clues as to the situation they face, they could recognize that their nation’s oldest businesses are going down like domino’s, the US Postal Service is on the brink of oblivion, and back in 2009 and 2010 there was talk that Harvard itself would go bankrupt!

Initial Bankruptcy Tips

  • Never ever use things like retirement savings or real estate equity to pay off past due credit cards.
  • Be prepared, and have a comprehensive list that clearly shows money coming in versus money going out, or in the red due to debt.
  • Once filing is a certainty, discontinue paying down debts that will end up being done away with through bankruptcy.
  • Immediately cease the use of credit altogether.
  • Don’t forget to file tax returns.
  • Pull credit reports and have them ready to show to your lawyer.
  • Once you’ve gotten a good representative through Harvard bankruptcy help be honest, tell them everything, and listen carefully.
  • Don’t mistakenly think that assets must be given away or hidden, because in most cases with a good lawyer, property can be salvaged.

Always Trust Your Lawyer

Behavior is a big deal, so act accordingly. No running out and maxing credit cards, or engaging in shady activities. Most of these things end up coming to the light of day through the legal process. Because money is involved, debtors and the legal system don’t make it easy. The very worst thing that people do is neglect to divulge everything to their lawyer after investing in Harvard bankruptcy help.

Harvard lawyers know what they’re doing, and once under contractual agreement can be trusted with literally everything having to do with the case. Trying to hide things from lawyers, even when through the best intentions, typically ends up causing more harm than good. There’s tons of paperwork to consider, and legal loopholes that must be taken into account.

Once the legal system must be entered, trying to swim upstream only muddies the waters, so confide in the lawyer that’s been hired to protect your future.

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Best FireFox RSS Aggregator Creator Software
Firefox RSS aggregator creation software comes in a variety of programs with myriad options among them. Of the programs that function well with Mozilla Firefox, many prefer such popular choices as Firenze, Zentomi, Gnus, Retickr, or Songbird. These are all good programs with solid support and handy features. However, many new and professional users believe that the best choice in Firefox RSS aggregator software is RSSOwl.

Owl Wins

RSSOwl is an aggregator loaded with options. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows as well as many other more esoteric operating systems. Language support is a plus, and options range from English, French, and Spanish to Polish and Chinese. RSSOwl also supports many types of media, including text, podcast, and video. The fully customizable toolbar allows users to keep features they prefer handy and get rid of the clutter. Options like undo, redo, sticky, and search can be added or removed easily.

The embedded browser will be familiar to any Mozilla Firefox user. It features tabbed browsing and all of the traditional browser buttons. Clicking a link in the text opens the web page with which it is associated and the address bar functions in the expected manner as well. It is a robust enough browser that it could easily take the place of most other more popular browsing programs.

Owl's Tools

RSSOwl’s tools are also very useful. The search function in particular makes it easy to find what the user is seeking, and there are powerful filters included to pare away irrelevant media that is too old, from the wrong location, previously viewed, or all of the above. The news filter tool is also very powerful. It scans feeds for authors, terms, or dates and executes an automated action based on the criteria provided to it. This can be used to mark the article as a sticky, play a sound, add a label, or take other actions specified by the user. Grouping by date, feed, keyword, or author is likewise simple with grouping mode. Housekeeping is easily done with the clean-up wizard, a tool that can use many filters to delete old content and defunct feeds.


Finding and and sharing content is easy too. The import wizard can search the web for feeds that match the user’s keywords or websites and even sync them with a Google Reader account. The export tool can save feed lists and preferences into a small file for easy transfer and setup on another computer. Sharing content on popular social media sites is as simple as right clicking a feed or item and selecting "share news". The default list includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, and Delicious.

Additional Options

Some of the miscellaneous options are likewise very handy. The downloads and activity dialogue box includes transfer rates for files, time remaining, and amount of data transferred. Password-protected feeds are supported, including DIGEST, BASIC, and NTLM authentication, and a master password can protect the program itself. It also has a high-contrast mode for the colorblind.

Best of all, RSSOwl is free of charge and open source, and every feature listed above is accompanied with demonstration video tutorials on their website ( ). This robust, simple program is certainly worth the time to learn.

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