Can Other People See Where You go if You use WIFI?

Along with new hi-tech advancements comes a price of personal liberty. For example, consumers wonder to themselves, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” From pre-crime technologies making their appearance in New York, to big-brother legislation passing through on Capitol Hill, modern individuals of the western world are increasingly concerned with their privacy; and they should be.

A Two-Pronged Attack

Instead of asking oneself, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” perhaps it would be more beneficial to understand the scope of intrusion into personal online lives. It isn’t only governments that are clamping down on increasingly unhappy populations, but the commercial industry as well. Projections show that nearly a third of the human population will be surfing the net inside the next five years or so. This means that consumer behavior must be watched, catalogued, referenced, and studied to the highest degree. Online retailers, advertisers, and marketers want to get a heads up on trends before they become entrenched and trendy.

If someone is worried about leaving a trail with their Wifi, or being able to be positioned while online, perhaps they should be aware of these technologies as well. The awareness can definitely shed some light on the all too common question, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?”

A Few Modern Privacy Invasion Tactics

  • “Pre-Crime” technology meant to stop crime before it actually happens by tracking people’s behavior wherever they are in society.
  • Fingerprint scanning from up to 20 yards away.
  • A fleet of unmanned drones will soon be calling U.S. airspace over major cities home.
  • Incredibly massive biometric databases are being set up, along with computers servers that secretly record nearly everything people do online, whether they’re aware of it or not.
  • RFID microchips are finding their way into more and more products, making it easier to track consumers.
  • Corporate data mining is in some ways more intrusive than government spying, but for the sake of profits not repression.

The Final Verdict of the 21st Century

When it comes to Wifi and wireless technologies, this is getting serious because Mobile hand held gadgetry is beginning to dominate the techno-savvy world. In most cases it is more likely that a personal tablet or laptop is being tracked rather than separate Wifi connections. All too often, no matter where users are, they feel like they’re under surveillance and once again the question, “Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?”comes to mind.

The verdict is in, and according to collective behavior, privacy is something that will become a relic of a long gone era. Within the next decade every single thing people do online will be tracked, and every movement they make in a major city will be recorded scrupulously.

“Can other people see where you go if you use Wifi?” Ultimately you should be aware the answer is yes.

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