Futaba Reverse Access Imageboard Ranking List

You may already be familiar with the popular imageboard 4Chan. This is a site where people can have anonymous conversations and post images and video links. Sites like these are used by thousands if not millions of people to share information and all kinds of odd stuff. 4Chan was launched in 2003 by Christopher Poole and has had a large impact on popular culture, but did you know that 4Chan was based on a previous Japanese website called 2Chan or Futaba? It's still the place to find the Futaba reverse access imageboard ranking list!

The Futaba Channel, also known as Double Leaf Channel or Two Leaf Channel, was created in August 30, 2001, when the imageboard 2channel was in danger of being shut down. Though the site is located at 2chan.net, to avoid confusion it is most often referred to as Futaba. It consists of about 40 different textboards and 60 different imageboards. It features everything you might imagine that an immature Japanese audience might find interesting: sports, ramen noodles, pornography, cartoons, junk food, cartoon pornography, (cartoon junk food?), etc. They absolutely love the Futaba imageboard ranking list, though you will find many topic threads flooded with some type of porn.

Like its counterpart 4chan, this site is also a source of many pieces of Japanese popular culture. The OS-tan meme is one such example that many Westerners might be familiar with. Perhaps it’s not surprising that this Japanese craze involves the anthropomorphizing of … computer operating systems. Did you know that this is also something you can find on a Futaba list? These type of anthropomorphisms are known as moe anthropomorphisms. Moe is a Japanese word that is perhaps best translated as a type of love for fictional characters and their accessories.

Most of the operating systems are depicted as female, but a male character pops up now and then. Symantic Antivirus is male, for instance. Windows operating system versions are typically depicted as sisters, though fans tend to create their own versions on the Futaba reverse access imageboard ranking list threads. They usually have distinguishing features to designate their software personality – the Windows XP girl has an XP symbol in her hair; the Mac OS X girl is a catgirl, referencing the Apple tradition of naming operating systems and software in a jungle theme (Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Safari); the Linux girl has a helmet with horns and gears on it – the horns reference the GNU software that makes up much of Linux, and the gears refer to KDE, a desktop environment often used with Linux.

If you're in the mood for a strange adventure, check out bluethree.us/futaba for the English navigator website of Futaba Channel, which translates the headings of threads into English. If you don't speak the language, you may only be able to scroll through in awe, lost amidst Japanese anime and teenage emotion. If you're in the mood for an even stranger and more confusing adventure, go to 2chan.net, the original Japanese-language-only site. You might not get far, but who knows – you may even find the legendary reverse access Futaba imageboard ranking list!

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