Searches in Dogpile to any Site Using Google Fails

I hat to tell you this, but the three biggest search engines on the net, namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing, by their very nature possess basically zero privacy. This is especially the case when dealing with the 500 lb gorilla, Google. The amount of information that Google deals with, and all the money and logistics involved, has slowly but surely turned it into something amazing, yet that is more of a hassle than anything else in some respects.

Searches in Dogpile Using Google Fails

There is another search engine online that uses a different set of parameters when searching for relevant results. Rather than relying on search data heavily influenced by commercialism, as is the case with Google, Dogpile claims to use a Metasearch technology. It looks at the results of all major search engines, and bases its results on what it finds.

The problem is that if one searches for something in all of the major search engines, they will get different results from each one. Dogpile will notice this, and give the most relevant results from each!

Searches in Dogpile can be a fun digital adventure when Google fails, and it’s typically pretty funny when it happens. In fact, there are dedicated websites online that document and bring light to these funny things in Google. Often people take these fails from Google, check them out in Dogpile, and discover the truth of the matter. This is most often the case when Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms attempt to fill out the auto complete based on the beginning of what a user types. Of course their getting better all the time, but that involves an algorithm that can predict people, and some wacky people can be crazy hard to predict.

For example, if one begins to type in “I hate it when”, all kinds of ridiculous things show up in the auto complete that would leave most people scratching their heads. However, someone must have been searching for these things. So, after recalling those searches in Dogpile using "Google fails," they see what Dogpile has to say about these odd sites.

The Magic of Google Maps

Another place where people go to find truly unexplainable things, like a fighter jet sitting casually in the parking lot of a seminary school, is Google maps. Individuals that take the time to search around can end up finding odd things and the rare mistake that Google obviously screwed up. However, if they then test the idea for searches in Dogpile using "Google fails", they can input “Jet in School Parking Lot” and see what all of the search engines are saying at once, and perhaps find the reason for the odd placement of military assets.

When users check out the searches in Dogpile to any site using the "Google fails" search term, they find that there is more to the net than Google, Yahoo, or Bing. They finally break out of the Google bubble, and experience everything else that users worldwide are offering. From the comedic antics, to serious information for serious inquiries, metasearch technology like the kind Dogpile employs brings a whole new experience outside of the mainstream.

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