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There are several web forums that are powered by Burning Book. While some deal with web enhancement and analytics, others are designed for media videos and posts. Burning Book is a popular global program that facilitates a myriad of on-line communities. In fact, their latest release Burning Board 3 continues to soar in global and web popularity. These applications help users create and monitor community forums. These can be public portals, along with private boards that require usernames and passwords. While some utilize these boards for fantasy sports sites, others use them for community bulletin boards and other endeavors. With the newest versions, there are also built-in forums for new and existing users alike.

Forums that are powered by Burning Book entail better features than generic or standard boards. For one, these programs enable users to build or design community boards from scratch. This includes registration options, along with polls, user insight, screen names, and especially embedded features. While powered by Burning Book, the latter can add true interactivity to any existing site or blog. This allows users to easily exchange views, while posting updates or content to open or specified sections within the forum. In a nutshell, you can foster a productive online community that can share their interests with thousands of users across the globe.

As part of the program, you can include web counters. This is an essential part in monitoring how many guests visit your forum. You can also keep track of new members, while implementing options for approving or removing members as well. You also have a myriad of choices that revolve around content display. You can display posts both as generic an HTML text, while enabling links and icons as well. If you choose existing forums, this is a great way to start interacting with members as your build your site and online awareness. Existing forums may include entertainment sections, along with sports and current events. You, of course, have the option to customize these sections, or simply leave them intact.

Powered by Burning Book applications are the brainchild of Wolt Labs. Based in Germany, this popular software company has created some of the best forum programs on the market today. In fact, their programs are heralded for user-friendly features and controls. Whether you are a seasoned forum moderator or just starting out, you will be able to have a fully functional board up and running and in no time. There are also several plug-ins that enhance forum posting for users and moderators. This includes open graphs for threads, which allow better management and overall performance. You can also allow embedded links, as well as in-window edits and modifications.

Boards powered by Burning Book simply outshine from the rest. With full editing options and IP controls, you can prevent unscrupulous posters from harassing your boards. You can also ban spamming, as well as multiple users from the same IP or TCP address. In many ways, these forums entail new features for those that want to run flexible and productive boards.

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