A Career in Business and Finance Resource Guide

Trying to locate a finance academic resource for college planning? You might want to take a bit of time to look over these points to analyze what you’re most interested in first.

If you’ve found that what you like and the area you’re good at is Business and Finance, you should break that down even further. If you’re interested in pursuing your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D., and since business and finance represent a broad spectrum, you should choose which area within that category you’re most interested in.

A good finance academic resource will help you find the best schools and universities that offer the courses or program you’re looking for. Let’s break the larger more generalized ‘Business and Finance’ category down into the specific fields of interest. Below are various categories under the Business and Finance heading, along with its corresponding resource website.

Accounting: If you find that you’re most interested in the analyzing aspect and going through a firm’s financial history, then accounting may be the best profession for you.

Finance Academic Resource (for top universities offering accounting degrees): www.accountingcoach.com/careers/colleges-universities-accounting-degrees.html

Finance: If you prefer and are actually better at speculating, predicting or analyzing the future of business or the financial future of a company or business, then finance could be what you’re most interested in.

Finance Academic Resource (for universities offering degrees in Finance): www.learn4good.com/great_universities/universities_usa.htm


If you’re a good people person and you’re good at business, then consider getting your degree in business management, and pursuing that career.

Finance Academic Resource: (for universities offering courses in business management): www.usnewsuniversitydirectory.com/business/business-administration-management.aspx

International Business: And if you have a combination of all the above subjects as your interest, AND have an itching for travel and adventure, then you might want to consider International Business or Finance studies.

Finance Academic Resource (for universities offering programs in International Finance/Business): www.colleges.findthebest.com/directory/o/International-Finance

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