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Urban City NYC vs. Rural Town Cow College Locations
City College vs. Rural College
There are pros and cons to attending a city college as opposed to a rural college. Both the pros and the cons are things that you should take into consideration when deciding if a city college is the right college for you.

Some pros for attending a city college are:

  • Off-campus activities: Going to a city college means you will be living in a city and have access to all of the entertainment venues that a city provides. It is common to find stores, bars, and restaurants within walking distance of the campus. If you get bored with the on-campus activities, you can simply leave and have the city to experience at your fingertips.

  • Public Transportation: Cities have many different options for taking public transportation that will take you just about anywhere you want. This means you can forget the financial issues of buying a car and the hassle of taking care of a car while you’re enjoying your college experience. Public trans...

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Students taking LSAT
How to Prepare for the LSAT Test
If you are seeking to pass the LSAT test and thereby gain admission to law school, there are several tips which may prove to be important to you. First of all, do your research carefully. Find out everything you can about theLSAT test, even before you begin studying for it. A comprehensive knowledge of what you're aiming for is a vital tool in your carpet bag.

Another tip: when you have gotten all the information you need, spare no expense and time in your studies. If your goal is to attend law school, you'll need a good score on your LSAT test, and getting a good study program is the surest way to reach your goal. The Law School Admission Council, or LSAC, offers some free LSAT testprep material on their website, and there are many sites dedicated to helping future examinees prepare adequately for the test.

It is highly advisable, once you are familiar with the material generally covered in the LSAT test sections, as well as the test directions, question types, and time ...

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Pile of Free Books to be Donated
Read Books Free Online with Free Online Libraries
As a tutor, there was a time when you had to carry books and study materials along with you to all of your tutoring engagements. However, now that you can read free books online with free online libraries, the world is at your fingertips. With only one laptop, you have a reference section of unlimited resources for all of your tutoring sessions.

Out of all the many jobs out there, isn’t that why you chose one of the careers in education—to learn as well as teach? What are the benefits of being able to read books free online with free online libraries? How about learning to be a professor, an educational administrator, an at home teacher, or one of the other careers in education? What makes that choice better than any other? If you can access information instantly and read free books online in free online libraries, you can research and decide for yourself.

It has often been said that ...

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Test Bubble Sheet
Passing the Bar Exam
The Bar exam is the last gulf between law school graduate and lawyer. Frankly, it's a tough affair, lasting two or three days, depending on the state, and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, each year thousands of ordinary people step forward, put on their best and brightest thinking caps, and proceed to pass the Bar exam, some just barely, and some with flying colors.

The bad news is nobody in their right mind who's ever passed the Bar exam will reassure you that it'll be easy if you just follow these one-two-three-step guidelines. By the time you've gotten to the point where your next step is the Bar exam, you're most likely to have your personal study patterns and habits down pat, and you won't need us to tell you that learning everything you can about the challenge before you, studying smart, not cramming, and doing your very best, are the keys that will bring you through this ordeal and out the other side with honors. But if you already know all tha...

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Fanatasia Singing
Fantasia Baby News (Why We Care)
This is a new day in the media, and lately this means Fantasia baby news. Those unfamiliar with this phenomenon may recall that Fantasia Barrino is the reality show contestant who won the title of American Idol in its third season in 2004. She later won a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 2010 for her single “Bittersweet” from her third album, “Back to Me”. Then Fantasia became pregnant with a married man, had an abortion, tried to kill herself, became pregnant again, tattooed the man’s name on her chest, had a baby, and then split up with the married man. The celebrity gossip columns have been aflame with the ups and downs of the R&B singer’s social life, and as a result, we have a media phenomenon called Fantasia baby news.

And so, one may ask why we care about Fantasia baby news. There are a few simple explanations that actually raise more complex questions about celebrity itself. First, we empathize. Many of us have made relationship mistakes in the...

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GED Congratulations
GED--How to Get a High Score
When studying to pass the GED tests, there are several things to keep in mind. In order to pass the GED you have to get a minimum overall score of 60%. But as with any sort of test, the higher your score when you pass the GED, the better it is for you. Remember, knowledge is its own reward in the long run. Having a working knowledge of practical skills such as language arts, mathematics, science, basic geography and world events and history, as well as good application skills and self-discipline can prove to be terrifically beneficial in your life.

Following are a few tips which may help you pass the GED comfortably and with a high score.

  • Capitalize on your good points. If you love math, focus on that. Your scores will show your best-learned subject, and may help you get a good scholarship. On the other hand, if you dislike a subject very much, begin studying that subject, and then round off your study time with a subject...

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Globe Laying on Keyboard
Online Tutors: Free Online Tutoring Jobs
With rampant tuition hikes across Europe and over a trillion dollars in outstanding student loans in America, the disillusionment with traditional schooling abounds. Despite the fact that most first world nation citizens attach the online world to many aspects of their lives, somewhere along the road people began to believe that online tutors and online tutoring were cheap unreliable alternatives.

However, this perspective may be changing, and rapidly. The demand for online tutors has gone into orbit, especially in the western world where money for schooling is already tight. Online tutors offer quality assistance at a fraction of the price of most private in-person tutors, and they are extremely assessable to current generations.

Some of the Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Access: No matter what location a student may be in, and no matter what time it is in their part of the world, tutors are online standing at the ready. Through social media networks and f...

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factoring algebra pre for gre prep practice
Pre-Algebra Printable Worksheets
Pre-algebra printable worksheets are currently in demand because algebra is a subject that most people come to dread as they approach the time when they will have to study it. Not only is it a very difficult subject, but the homework assignments can be complex and seemingly incomprehensible to many people, especially teenagers. Most of us need help in algebra, and if you are faced with a huge pile of homework assignments that you fear to face, don’t worry. There is help out there for you, and you can practice with pre-algebra printable worksheets online for free.

Getting practice and help on your homework assignments with pre-algebra printable worksheets is relatively easy to do, especially now when the world is so internet-centered. The internet is full of all sorts of aids like this along with other tutorials, classes, and videos that you can follow that will help you on your pre-algebra homework assignments.

Perhaps you spaced out in class today, and missed ...

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