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Chinese Tutoring Mandarin Language to Westerner
Speed Learning Mandarin Chinese with Help from a Tutor
The term foreign languages can be used to represent something completely unknown and beyond understanding. Perhaps unfounded, this cliché certainly seems applicable to learning Mandarin Chinese.

The Mandarin language is no easy task, however you cut it. School courses, whether in campus or online, are challenging at best. Many students find learning foreign languages, especially Mandarin, impossible without the help of a native Chinese tutor.

There is just something about having a Chinese tutor of your own sit down with you to explain those terms that make no sense, go over the same thing again and again until you remember it, and translate those elusive phrases into something that you can grasp.

Once you decide that you want a Chinese tutor and begin skimming through the options in your area, you may discover that finding an experienced and versatile Chinese tutor who will meet your needs for expert personalized instruction will take some persistence.

Before beginning your search, clarify your expectations for a Chinese tutor, so that you will be better able to quickly select the individual best qualified to suit you.

A good place to start is with one of the many websites devoted to matching their ideal Chinese tutor with the ideal student. Some tutoring agencies for foreign languages will allow you to enter your location and view the highest recommended Chinese tutor in your area!

With a little footwork you will be relieved to discover that there is a Chinese tutor waiting to help you reach your goal: a proficient command of Mandarin Chinese.

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Young Boy Laughing Silly
More Retirement Jokes for Teachers
Here’s a joke for the math teacher who is retiring, you could talk about how the teacher will no longer have to put up with attitude from students by telling the following teacher retirement joke:

The teacher asks, “What’s two plus two?” A student answers, “Four!” The teacher responds, “Yes four, that’s good!” The student retorts, “Good? That was perfect!”

You can’t let your teacher leave without a decent number of puns!

“Old teachers never die; they just grade away.”
– Anonymous

“Here about the cross eyed teach? She lost control of her pupils.”
– Anonymous

“He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.”
– Anonymous

And finally, Burt Reynolds speaks the truth about why retirement is oh, so sweet.

”Retirement must be wonderful. I mean, you can suck in your stomach for only so long.”
– Burt Reynolds

Read some of our previously posted puns here or some other funny teacher retirement jokes and meaningful quotes here.

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Children walking together colorful clothing
How Social Studies Standards Define Social Studies for Kids
Today’s children face a world of diversity; their classrooms mirror the outside world with the diverse ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Social study standards are important as they help to ensure children understand the diversity they experience on a daily basis. Interacting with all the diversity without an understanding of it can bring conflict.

Social study standards incorporate political, economic, cultural and environmental studies of past, present and future societies. Social studies for kids help give them knowledge and understanding of the past cultures and societies, so that they can understand the present, and have greater control over the future.

Most educators agree that social studies for kids must not be haphazard or random facts; clear social study standards need to be set. One of the reasons for this is that children lack the conceptual base to integrate new knowledge into their belief system.

Social study standards require that children are taught, and regularly exposed to the ideas, problem solving skills, and perspectives that will help them to function as responsible adults. There are many competing forces at play in society, not the least of which being the critical balance between individual and community needs.

Social study standards are designed to impart to children the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for life, using the classroom and the school as a laboratory for honing their understanding and application.

Children come into classrooms from a wide variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. In the classroom they learn to interact with all the diversity. Social studies for kids give them the tools, and everyday interaction gives them the practice; within the classroom a mini society is created where students learn not only academics, but also how to relate and interact with people.

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Number One on Keyboard
Math Logic Tutor Deficiencies
When a math logic tutor finds themselves in huge demand, then you know something’s up. Since 2008, when the current economic depression in the western world got on its feet, Americans have been told that companies would like to hire them, but they’re not educated, smart, experienced, or technically trained enough for serious 21st century occupations. Apparently there’s a huge gap when it comes to demand and eligible workers with the necessary skills.

In response, parents are trying harder than ever to adapt to changing career training methodologies, and give their children an edge. Suddenly, online education has exploded in popularity. Kids are able to log in online and talk to their reading assistant, homework partner, or math logic tutor directly from their rooms. Their parents are disillusioned with traditional higher education, and online resources are showing to be as effective, at a fraction of the cost.

Shift Dynamics of Education in the West

Recently the public was told that an economic investment tool or vehicle that goes by the name of Credit Default Swaps was to blame from brining the free market to its knees. No one knew what that was, until some math professors published the algorithm of one online. Basically, it’s an algebraic formula that goes on for miles that barely a fraction of the human species can understand.

Whether we’re talking economics, or the recent resurgence in space exploration, if people want their children to have a chance to get in on the action when they’re older, they must learn advanced math. That’s where the online and easily accessible math logic tutor comes in. Why should this person go through the hassle of dealing with the traditional college world when they can make as much money if not more being employed by the digital one?

Worldwide Perpetual Math Olympics

Every major country in the world recognizes where the future is taking us, and behind every major invention, technological advancement, or medical miracle, there’s math. The lull in math education in the west has caused a trough in the workforce the size of the Grand Canyon. Now everyone is scrambling to get American Math test scores higher and higher to compete.

The educational system of the future will be based more on contemporary needs than the ancient Grecian model; one where children get basic education at a young age, but then must soon pick a vocational direction that involves intense specific technical training.

Every math logic tutor from New York to Seattle is going to find themselves caught up in a worldwide perpetual intellectual Olympics where through the virtual realm, they are asked to train kids from Bangkok to Brazil.

However, this also means that demands for a high quality math logic tutor will push prices upward. Then, yet again modern peoples will find themselves grinding against fiscal paradigms that have been kicking dirt in the face of human progression for far too long. The sooner we can get past interest, debt, and flat currency, the better.

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CMU Students Studying on College Campus Pittsburgh, PA
The Best College Finder
Are you planning on going to college? Getting a higher education is never a bad thing, but you must make sure that you properly plan your experience so you get the most out of it. College tuition is expensive these days, and many students are leaving school with a lot of debt. This is why it is important to use a good online college finder to see all your options before making a decision. It’s no secret that the internet is probably your best resource when it comes to getting information about colleges around the world. is one of the most well-known higher education websites, and it contains tons of great information about many if not all of the universities in the United States. This college finder allows you to search for colleges using many categories for narrowing them down. You can choose whether you would like two or four year schools, or both. You can choose public or private schools, the size of the school, and the setting – either urban, suburban, or rural.

This college finder also lets you choose by location, the majors offered by the school, and the cost of tuition and availability of financial aid. You can search by how many students are admitted and the scores that they typically get. Sports and activities, housing programs, and special services like disability and religious affiliation are all categories as well. The site also gives you extensive information about the colleges such as academics, demographics, and the financial obligations involved.

If you use but are still unsatisfied, you can try This is another great college finder that offers many of the same services as the former site, but there are some interesting other aspects. This site offers rankings of colleges in various categories so you can see how schools stack up with each other. You can see how colleges rank up in categories such as the level of financial aid, quality of career services, beauty of the campus, and the town and social life. You can also see the predominant political and religious orientations, and whether or not a school is known for its party scene.

The also has a lot of great other resources for potential university students. There are study resources for people who are going to take the SAT and ACT tests, as well as advice articles on these tests. There are also advice articles about the general college application process, and what college life will be like. This is a great college finder because not only does it let you search for many colleges, it also gives great comments and information about college in general.

If you are considering a higher education, make sure that you check out all your options before making a decision. There may be a perfect school for you out there just waiting for you to find it. It won't come to you, you have to go to it. Great websites like and can bring you to these colleges from the comfort of your home. Once you find some schools that you think you might like to go to, contact them directly for further information.

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