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CMU Students Studying on College Campus Pittsburgh, PA
The Best College Finder
Are you planning on going to college? Getting a higher education is never a bad thing, but you must make sure that you properly plan your experience so you get the most out of it. College tuition is expensive these days, and many students are leaving school with a lot of debt. This is why it is important to use a good online college finder to see all your options before making a decision. It’s no secret that the internet is probably your best resource when it comes to getting information about colleges around the world. is one of the most well-known higher education websites, and it contains tons of great information about many if not all of the universities in the United States. This college finder allows you to search for colleges using many categories for narrowing them down. You can choose whether you would like two or four year schools, or both. You can choose public or private schools, the size of the school, and the settin...

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Chemistry Station Setup
Periodic Table Text Only: Chemistry Essentials
Ah, Chemistry—the branch of science that deals with matter, its components, properties, and structure. We’ve all encountered chemistry at one point in our lives because it is actually a pre-requisite for you to graduate high school—but one should never forget to thank Chemistry for being present all the time in our daily lives.

You may remember 5th period Chemistry as your chance to experiment and deal with harmless (ok, sometimes a little harmful) chemicals. Lab coats, beakers, flasks, and Bunsen burners—it’s all in a day’s work, come Chemistry time. Experimenting is always a fun and a learning experience, plus your fourteen-year-old self can’t deny how fun it is sometimes to see things explode or burn inside the laboratory.

Chemistry Refresher Course

Chemistry can also be called a "central science" because its study is never limited to chemicals and matter alone—its reach spreads to physics, geology, and even biology. Chemistry involves the study...

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Math Tutor
Consumer Math Tutor
At the end of the day, what America needs is a national consumer math tutor. Forget all the legislation, regulation, politics as usual, lobbyists, and free market forces. If next year every single American had to take a college freshmen level course led by a professional consumer math tutor, within a decade the whole mess would be figured out organically.

What’s the root cause of all the credit bubbles, economic collapse, fractional banking scandals, corporate fiascos, and Wall Street corruption? America is a consumer based society without any basic concept of money creation, debt, compounding interest, and living within one’s means.

What is a Consumer Math Tutor?

A consumer math tutor is a person who teaches basic math concepts that deal with consumerism. For example, the US government spends an insanely large amount of money, but only brings in a tiny fraction. The US GDP to debt ratio has already passed the 100% mark. Consumers are taught (through advertisi...

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Students Sitting at Columbia University Commons in New York City
Attending a City College
Prospective college students face one of the biggest decisions of their life: where exactly will I go to school? Going to a city college can be a startling and difficult experience for people who have not lived in a busy city. Life in the city is much different than life in a smaller community, and college-bound students should make their choice carefully. There are many good reasons to attend a community school in a more peaceful and relaxed setting, but there are just as many good reasons to attend a city college.

Each student must decide what their individual needs are and choose a school that will best fit them. There are several large differences between community and city colleges, and these end up having a big impact on the type of life that the students lead. These schools differ in terms of the culture, education, cost, social life, and future plans of the students who attend, among other ways.

Culture: Obvi...

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Alaska Landslides in Mountains
Alaska Landslide 2012
America’s 49th state recently saw one of the largest landslides in recorded history. The Alaska Landslide 2012 took place on June 11 at the Glacier Bay National Park. According to experts, this was the largest landslide in North American history. The monumental event, however, would have never been known without the fast actions of a local pilot, Drake Olson. While flying over the frozen tundra, the pilot noticed a collapsed cliff and quickly started snapping some images. Little did he know, however, that the cliff’s collapse was part of a greater landslide that had plagued the area minutes earlier?

The Alaska Landslide 2012 resulted in rock and ice coursing down the national park’s valley. These objects then settled at the base of the white glacier, which saw more ramblings and fallen shards of ice throughout the day. According to area seismologists, the rumbling appeared as a 3.4 magnitude earthquake on the charts. Earthquake specialists in nearby Canada also monitored t...

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Learning Math
Five Fun Ways to Enhance Your Math Skills
Having good math skills will serve to make your life easier in so many ways. You won’t get cheated with your money. You will be able to follow a recipe with ease and have your food not be a disaster. As a parent, you will remember the simple fact of how old your children are. Even if you are still "math-phobic," there are plenty of ways to improve your math skills, and kick that phobia goodbye.

The best way to improve your math skills is to use them every day, as best as you can. The more your mind is used to thinking in a mathematical way, the easier it will become. Here are five fun ways to help you enhance your math skills:

  1. Playing board games that involve the use of math. Games such as "Phase Ten," "Go Fish," and "Crazy 8’s," are excellent for stimulating the mind in a mathematical way. Or Monopoly, for the more advanced. You need to have the math skills for Monopoly to understand how to handle your money and property; otherwise you will find yourself bank...

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photo of a tutor with three students
How to Find Work as a Tutor
My senior year of high school, I convinced myself that I wanted to babysit for the entire summer before I went to college. For whatever reason, I told myself that the only opportunity for me to have a booming career in babysitting would be those three short months. So I did the whole shebang. I registered for all the free sign up websites, made flyers, and called families for whom I had previously babysat--and what d’ya know! I got jobs. I worked for a few families and made some good money. Guess what, finding work as a tutor is very similar.

If you have a teachable skill, then becoming a tutor may be a good way to earn some extra income or even a living if you can get enough interest and students. Reaching those potential students, especially starting from scratch, is the hard part. However you go about it, getting the message out that you are available for teaching a certain subject requires advertising, a lot of advertising. Here are some relatively cheap ways to get y...

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Australian school teacher grade 11 teaching English Norsup Secondary School AusAID Malekula Island
School Teachers' Salaries Breakdown by Academic Level
School teachers' salaries have never rivaled those of bankers, financial experts, lawyers, or doctors, but the many people who hold school jobs will find that the life of a teacher is exciting and fulfilling. School teacher salaries are not all that bad, and you may find that holding school jobs will be better paid than other types of work, such as construction, graphic design, or freelance work.

In order to help you understand how much jobs as a school teacher may pay, here is a list of the school teachers' salaries according to the academic level. This breakdown is an overall average of the entire United States, meaning that the salary will differ from state to state. School teacher salaries will not be too different in each state, and you may find that the information below helps you to realize that school jobs are paid about the average wage.

School Teachers Salaries Breakdown by Academic Level

High School Teachers earn $43,450 per year<...

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