Five Fun Ways to Enhance Your Math Skills

Having good math skills will serve to make your life easier in so many ways. You won’t get cheated with your money. You will be able to follow a recipe with ease and have your food not be a disaster. As a parent, you will remember the simple fact of how old your children are. Even if you are still "math-phobic," there are plenty of ways to improve your math skills, and kick that phobia goodbye.

The best way to improve your math skills is to use them every day, as best as you can. The more your mind is used to thinking in a mathematical way, the easier it will become. Here are five fun ways to help you enhance your math skills:

  1. Playing board games that involve the use of math. Games such as "Phase Ten," "Go Fish," and "Crazy 8’s," are excellent for stimulating the mind in a mathematical way. Or Monopoly, for the more advanced. You need to have the math skills for Monopoly to understand how to handle your money and property; otherwise you will find yourself bankrupt early on in the game.

  2. How about putting your math to some tunes? Music is a great and fun way to do some math. Rebecca Zook is an online math tutor, whose enjoyable methods are easy and aren’t lame. Her website, Mashable, is packed full of pleasurable avenues to enhance your math skills.

  3. When paying for your groceries, figure out the change you will receive before the cashier tells you. Handling money is a big responsibility, and if you don’t know how, then you will probably end up losing a large amount of it because you couldn’t count change.

  4. Home tutoring. Homeschooling has a more flexible schedule, and it doesn’t only involve sitting at your desk all day. You can have more hands-on learning and exciting educational outings that you couldn’t have in a public school.

  5. Play computer games that will help stimulate your mind mathematically. Playing computer games is a thing most kids enjoy. Go online and see the multitudes of math games there are available to enhance your math skills. Some examples are: ,

Learning does not have to be boring, especially something as scary as math. Make your math experience fun and a positive experience for all.

Photo Credit: Pranav Yaddanapudi

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