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Science Project
Ideas for Teaching General Science
Teaching science can be very rewarding. Through your lessons you instill in your students and curiosity toward life and nature. This desire to explore and discover is a key to unlocking some of life’s wonders.

You will find that teaching science is more rewarding when you are not simply completing worksheets and conducting prepackaged experiments. What you want to encourage is a two way of questions and answers, not a memorization of facts and formulas. As you are teaching science ask your students thought provoking questions that require them to explore the world around them. The questions can be simple, such as “What makes it rain?”

When you are teaching science try and incorporate as many “hands on” type activities. You can ask questions like “How can we calculate the weight of this book?” By doing this, you encourage the students to figure out their own formulas, and explore facts and concepts on their own. Giving students data that they need to collect ...

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The Online Tutoring Mission Statement
The internet has definitely revolutionized the way we learn, study, and create— and with the myriad of information always available at our fingertips, it’s never too late to learn, anywhere, anytime. This is the online tutoring missions statement: accessibility, availability, convenience.

Online tutoring has become rampant over time. With the demand for online tutors increasing every year, it has proven how more and more people turn to technology to satisfy their desire to learn and accomplish more when it comes to pursuing their dreams through proper education. Online tutoring has a lot of benefits, and if you are a student who wants to get ahead, then online tutorials are definitely for you.

Online learning: How does it work?

Online learning is more than your usual tutorial sessions. It’s way beyond the handling out of study guides, easy-to-read notes, or study group sessions—it provides a digital learning environment that can truly help...

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Tutor Teaching Children
The Oat is Easier with a Good Tutor
With your big test coming up, you want to look into getting the help of a good OAT tutor. This is a complex test, and one that anyone who wants to study optometry in the US or Canada will be required to pass. You will find the help of someone who knows the material, has likely taken the test, and has coached others for the same test, is extremely valuable.

Your OAT tutor will help you pinpoint your weak areas, and determine your strengths in preparation. They will help you direct your study time to achieve the most progress. As your OAT tutor works with you and drills you in preparation, you will feel much more ready and confident for your big test. Ideally, you should enlist the help of an OAT tutor fairly early in the game, not leaving it all for last minute cramming sessions. These are stressful for all involved, and don’t usually produce the best results.

However, if for some reason you have left study for the last minute, you should absolutely make haste in hiring ...

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Amazing Environment
Tips for Understanding and Learning the Environmental Sciences
The complex field of environmental science integrates both physical and biological sciences. As an environmental science teacher, you will discover that this subject is a current and evolving one. It is also a subject that affects each person directly, as it has to do with our relationship to the world we live in. It affects lifestyle, political views and economic situations. In fact, part of the job of an environmental science teacher is to help the students realize the impact of man on the environment, and the environment on man.

As the environmental science teacher, you will find it’s best to come at the information from the scientific angle first, offering plenty of data and research in your classes. Use the facts to help set the stage of what is going on the world. Stats make the work of an environmental science teacher, as they largely speak for themselves. Students must have a thorough understanding of the facts before they understand the “human impact” side of thin...

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Geometry Figure
Why Kids Bother to Learn Geometry
The study of geometry is one of the first sciences and one of the most popular study topics in our present society, for young and old alike. This study dates to the 3rd century with the famous Euclid, and has advanced from its fairly simple beginnings to where it is now with multiple branches and fields of expertise. It is now converging in many places with algebra to become a multi-purpose study that has immensely useful purposes, and actually trains one to assess his or her surroundings. The advantage to learning basic geometry is obvious and something to profit from no matter who you are or how old you may be.

Learning basic geometry is absolutely beyond helpful for both children and adults, and the benefits are immediate. From simple household uses such as understanding the square feet of carpeting, to daily fun such as playing marbles and other games, learning basic geometry is truly essential. Learning basic geometry will also help you with simple daily comprehension an...

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Free Online Math Tutors
Today, you no longer need to travel anywhere to get practically any type of help you might need. The internet has made it easier than ever to get homework assistance – especially math. Having access to mathematical formulas, terminology, and methods is a huge asset that students at any level should make use of in some way. You can find free online math tutors in a number of places on the web in a variety of formats.

First, you should decide whether or not you would like to use an actual person or just look at information by yourself. Either way will be effective, just decide which is right for you or use both. Generally, getting a private tutor will cost money, but there are plenty of wonderful free online math tutors that you can navigate through by yourself. You will be able to find videos, instructions, lessons, tests, and more. is definitely one of the best ...

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Pluto is a Moon
New Pluto Moon
The recent discovery of a new Pluto moon has excited space scientists. The news has also thrilled NASA and space enthusiasts alike. The findings were reported on July 11, 2012, courtesy of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. According to the galactic unit, P5 was detected as yet another moon of Pluto. The moon, however, is considered somewhat tiny. In fact, it only stretches about 6 to 15 miles wide. Still, the discovery has brought much excitement to the international space exploration community. That brings Pluto’s satellite count to 5, which follow up on the discovery of the P4 moon about a year ago.

The new Pluto moon is located Northwest of its icy home planet. This position, however, is based on horizontal shots taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. With all the excitement surrounding the new discovery, there is also a sense of anxiety within the New Horizons team. This team is currently overseeing the first probe that will visit Pluto. The aircraft is set to launch som...

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A Parent Letter from a Teacher at the End of the School Year Sample
Honoring the Academic Honors Program

Dear Parents,

The reason for letters from teachers at the end of the academic school year is not just for parents. It is also for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the students who went after the most rigorous and advanced courses of study while attending this school. However, additionally, in this case, I have to admit it is also for the teacher.

You see, prior to this year, I believed, as did others on our staff, that we could recommend and hand pick prior to the semester those who are best suited to excel in the limited academic honors programs offered. I believed that past grades were an indication of future grades, and that we would somehow know which students were on the course for college by measuring past performance and test scores. Yes, I used to think differently on these issues, until this year.

This year, we have seen past test scores ov...

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