You can be a TESOL Teacher

Working as a TESOL teacher can provide great income, and even travel. While it can be a demanding career, and does require skills above that of simply speaking English, many a TESOL teacher has found that it is a rewarding and fulfilling career.

If you decide that being a TESOL teacher is a career you want to pursue, you will need to begin to work towards certification. In this field you have to show skills from lesson planning to time management. Employment opportunities are available worldwide, and have a very wide range of possibilities. Your chances of finding the employment opportunities you seek are greatly improve if you are well qualified and have good certification.

Job opportunities for a TESOL teacher vary greatly depending on what type of job you are interested in, and if you want to teach children or adults, and where in the world you are interested in teaching. If you prefer teaching children in a school setting you will also have to show that you are skilled in working with children, and can control a classroom. If you pursue teaching on a corporate level, you may have to show different certifications.

The travel opportunities for a TESOL teacher are literally limitless. Nearly every country in the world offers employment opportunities. Some countries have higher requirements than others. You can begin your career in a country where the requirements for certification are fairly minimal, and then continue building your resume until you are well qualified for nearly any job you are interested in.

There are various routes to obtaining the training you need for this line of work. You can earn your BA or Masters in Language or Education, or you can obtain certification by with a private institute. Becoming a TESOL teacher offers a challenging and exciting career.

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