Top US Doctoral Programs for Foreign Students

Okay so, let me begin by saying that truth be told, highest ranking schools that offer Ph.D.s, M.D.s, and J.D.s can only be measured accurately in terms of the interested person’s educational program of choice (ex: law, medicine, etc), and without knowing this information it’s hard to start heading in the right direction. However, because it is known that the most commonly pursued doctorate is the Ph.D, we’ve lined up the best of the best American universities that offer it.

  1. Princeton University: Number one is no shocker. We’ve all heard this name hundreds and thousands of times in the same sentence as the words “top university”- Princeton is a household name. What’s so special about its Ph.D. program is that it holds immense opportunities for research, as well as a solid repertoire of over 40 degrees. Did I mention that you can combine your Ph.D. with another degree- oh I don’t know- perhaps an M.D.? Yep.

  2. Harvard University: And here goes another totally expected answer. Let’s see; if the 100+ research centers ON CAMPUS and the great faculty-student relationship don’t convince you of this place’s majesty, perhaps the alumni list will. (When it comes to success, you can’t beat “living proof.”)

  3. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor: This school has a lot going for it. Not only do they offer more than 100 Ph.D. degrees, but they also have three world class museums for you to dig up the past. How cool is that? Ann Arbor, the place it’s located at, is also bustling with life and offers a myriad of things to do (while you’re not up to your nose with books, that is).

  4. University of Washington- Seattle: In terms of Ph.D. studies, this is definitely a favourite. Perhaps it lacks Harvard’s countless research facilities (although it is very well stocked with them), but UW makes up for it in 11 million dollars worth of financial aid and scholarships for graduate students. Foreign students, take note.

  5. University of Wisconsin- Madison: Toping off all the other mentioned universities in this article, the University of Wisconsin at Madison offers and astounding cipher of more than 150 Ph.D. degrees. There’s, no doubt, a lot of room from which to choose from, so, for people pursuing more out-of-the-ordinary studies, this is your best shot.

  6. Northwestern University: Northwestern is the place to go if you believe in interdisciplinary ways of research. This university has perfected clusters of students that gather and conduct research together, despite being from different degrees, in order to expand areas of research and help students use each other in their studies. Also, it’s in Boston, so, that’s a plus.

  7. Columbia University: Like Princeton, Columbia University offers doctorate students a chance to combine a Ph.D. with either an M.D. or a J.D; this might not seem like a huge deal, but for many medical students, this option is highly valued and sought out for. So, this one’s for you buddies.

  8. University of Texas- Austin: UT has thirteen libraries. Thirteen. What more is there to say? Your research will be fruitful, and there’s no need to worry about not finding something, you can just look for at at another library- I’m sure it can be found.

  9. Stanford University: If having a Nobel laureate or a Pulitzer prize winner as a professor doesn’t entice you to come study here, you obviously don’t belong at Stanford. Offering a variety of Ph.D degree options, this school might just place you in a class with a life-changing individual (this is great news for your research!).

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