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Test Prep Worksheet
How To's of Test Prep
Ever since you were a kid in grade school, and a particularly difficult test was on the menu for the near future, your insides probably shrank and groaned a bit at the mere thought of extra study. As if you didn't have enough school to cloud your day and fill up your evenings on top of studies and homework, you had to study extra hard for your test, or all of them, since tests tend to breed like bunnies.

Well, now that you're a bit past that stage, admit it, your insides still tend to quail and shudder when a test is on the way. Thankfully, there is such a thing as test prep, to help you leap that hurdle. As you get older, tests tend to get a little more complex and harder, and thus the need for test prep only gets higher as you go along, unless you're the next Einstein, of course; and sometimes we wonder whether he didn't do the test prep thing, too. Basically, test prep is a preparatory course, or tutelage, taken by the student prior to some important test or examination. A f...

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Getting in the Game Book
Understanding Title IX by "Getting In The Game"
Title IX is one of the few laws to have infiltrated popular culture to the point where you could find it on a bumper sticker. There are Title IX shirts, mugs, caps, even a clothing catalogue sales company named "Title IX." (And yes, there are also Title IX bumper stickers.) It is the rare federal law that has its own veritable fan club. But Title IX also has its critics. There are not as many of them, but they are vocal and relentless, blaming the law for hurting men’s teams, burdening schools with unnecessary bureaucracy, and pushing sports for girls and women who would rather do other things. Despite its notoriety, the law is often misunderstood. It did not equalize funding between girls’ and boys’ sports (in fact, it did not even set out to do so), as some fans have claimed. Nor is it a "quota law" that requires schools to cut sports for men or add them for women who have no interest in playing, notwithstanding the claims of some critics. Partly, the law is misunderstood becau...

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Headphones and Recorder
Podcasts for Students in Science
For students with an interest in science, the Internet is bursting with good podcast content that balances entertainment with informative value. Here are a few science podcasts among the many high-quality sources available.

  • Ted Talks ( are easily the foremost in science podcasts. features several videos per week from worldwide leaders in science. From the jaw-dropping to the heartwarming, science videos run the full gamut of personal impact that science can provide. Ted talks are a powerful tool for teaching high school and college students to love science in the way that many scientists do. Biology, astronomy, chemistry, sociology, ecology, and technology are all covered by experts in their fields. Runtime is usually fifteen to thirty minutes per talk.

  • The Naked Scientists https...

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Illustration of Tolstoy in Stories
The Raid by Leo Tolstoy
When it comes to short stories that not only stay relevant, but become even more so after generations, The Raid by Leo Tolstoy is among the most extolled. While it was written by a man far removed from the 21st century in a setting long ago, it still begs one to reexamine war and bravery even in a modern context.

“What is courage, that quality respected in all ages and among all nations?” The question haunts the western world, reeling from decades of perpetual warfare, nation building, and globalism. In the time this story was written, courage was demonstrated in battles where men decided their fates with their hands and the most basic forms of guns. These days, is it courageous to kill indiscriminately with unmanned drones? Is it courageous to bomb cities with computer guided missiles?

In The Raid by Leo Tolstoy, the reader is made to question what brings individuals to the point where they will kill others in battle. A conversation between the narrator and a...

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Physics Wall Art
Find a Tutor for Your Physics and Science Studies
It does happen often enough that students find physics challenging. It involves critical thinking and abstract reasoning, as well as logic and number crunching. Many students find that the classes move too quickly, and they need outside help to pass the class. Thus, they begin looking for a physics tutor.

p class="MsoNormal">A physics tutor should be an expert in the subject, in order to really help a student’s progress. It can take some consistency and work with your personal instructor to get the break-throughs you need in the subject. Be sure the person you choose for private lessons has the patience necessary.

A good physics tutor is someone that can explain concepts to you in a way that relates to everyday life. For instance, you could relate momentum to playing billiards. You could relate terminal velocity to skydiving. And you could relate pressure to wearing high heeled shoes. You shouldn’t aim to memorize physics equations. Instead, you should try to first un...

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Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey 3D Icons Politics in America
Political Party Worksheets
Are you a schoolteacher of social studies or politics? If so, you should definitely look into finding a political party worksheet or two to enhance learning in your classroom. Using worksheets is one of the best ways to get students to show what they know, and it gives them practice in making the associations and memories that are so crucial to learning. Thankfully, there are tons of online resources available to teachers today that allow them to download great pre-made worksheets from the internet, in some cases for free.

A great place to go for a political party worksheet is This site has tons of political worksheets, though you can only get a high quality printed version if you are a member. Membership to this site only costs twenty dollars a year, so you may want to consider buying access to these worksheets. These resources are mostly aimed at young children in elementary school.


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Test Sheet
Use your SAT to get Ahead
There is no dispute that the scores you get on this particular test can seal your fate, or at least open or close a certain college’s doors upon you. A lot of students feel tremendous pressure when it comes to their SATs, and the competition can be intense. However, with proper SAT prep, nearly everyone is able to improve their chance of getting reasonable scores that offer good opportunities.

It does take sacrifice and dedication to get the necessary SAT prep, and say no to other activities as you get ready for the big test. It’s important to surround yourself with people who share your goals, and who will help you work hard at your SAT prep. Or, at least distance yourself for a time from those who will continually try to pull you away from your important work.

Your SAT prep will help you to get the best score you can on your test. That’s what helps you to get ahead by giving you better chances of getting into choice schools, and a greater eligibility for scholarsh...

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girl writing and being tutored
Tips for Finding and Hiring a Good Tutor
Let’s plays a game called “Which Tutor is The Right One For You.” The rules are simple: I will list three profiles for tutors, and you tell me which one you would hire. You are looking for a geometry tutor for your son who is in tenth grade, and chronically shy. He goes to the local public school. Your son also had a mediocre algebra teacher last year, so he is missing much of the foundational curriculum and has limited free time because he plays football at school.

Tutor Option #1: You send him to a group tutoring after school program. He won’t get the individual attention that he probably needs, but tutors are available and walking around and will answer any questions your son might have, as long as he raises his hand to ask for help. They will also give out supplementary handouts to check for comprehension, and treats for good grades. The hours are not flexible and conflict with the times your son has football practice.

Tutor Option #...

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