Why Kids Bother to Learn Geometry

The study of geometry is one of the first sciences and one of the most popular study topics in our present society, for young and old alike. This study dates to the 3rd century with the famous Euclid, and has advanced from its fairly simple beginnings to where it is now with multiple branches and fields of expertise. It is now converging in many places with algebra to become a multi-purpose study that has immensely useful purposes, and actually trains one to assess his or her surroundings. The advantage to learning basic geometry is obvious and something to profit from no matter who you are or how old you may be.

Learning basic geometry is absolutely beyond helpful for both children and adults, and the benefits are immediate. From simple household uses such as understanding the square feet of carpeting, to daily fun such as playing marbles and other games, learning basic geometry is truly essential. Learning basic geometry will also help you with simple daily comprehension and can assist children in grasping math in a more complete way.

A few easy steps to learning basic geometry are as follows:

  • Go to the local bookstore or hobby shop and find a basic learning section and choose one of the many books available to help you learn basic geometry.

  • Do some research online and sign up for a simple course on the internet to teach you basic geometry.

  • Search online video sites such as YouTube or one of the many others for simple math classes, specifying geometry as the field of choice.

The last important step in learning basic geometry is definitely applying it. This is an essential factor to learning anything in any field, and I would recommend especially with geometry that you put this into practice right away. It can actually be fun to find all the ways in which you can apply your new found understanding. (Hint: try plotting trajectories in your local pool hall.) The earlier after reading something you put it into action, the easier it is to remember, and the sooner it will pay off and benefit you. So it will be for you and your geometry.

Photo Credit: Kyle May

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