List of Accidents and Disasters by Death

The most disturbing thing about looking at a list of accidents and disasters by death toll, is that you won’t find terrorism, unnecessary war, western colonialism, human enhanced climate change, or resource grabs on most of them. What’s that about? Where has everyone been living for the last thirty years? This article is meant to shed a little light on the things that should be included in any serious list of accidents and disasters by death toll. Readers should keep them in mind when browsing lists.

The American Medical Industry

The fact of the matter is that death as a result of the medical industry in the US is unbelievably common. From misdiagnosis to contracting diseases and getting addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, the list is a mile long. Pharmaceutical companies have been inflicting a hidden holocaust on the people of America. Their drugs hook people, turn them into addicts, and flow on the streets like a heavy flood. Their toxins can be found in the ground water, top soil, and around US shores. Why aren’t they on the typical list of accidents and disasters by death toll?

Western Colonialism

Forget car accidents, airplane crashes, mining explosions, and smoking - the US war empire has become the dominate predator of humanity. If any nation of Earth doesn’t have nuclear weapons or smart enough leaders to stay away from the World Bank, they’re doomed. Millions perished in Iraq, and millions more are going to. Once the military comes in to take resources, they stay there. In fact, the US built a base in Iraq that is the size of, if not bigger than, Vatican City.


It comes in many forms, and through countless avenues, and yet it’s not found on the typical list of accidents and disasters by death toll yet. The US created terrorism, perfected it, and sells it like a high priced commodity. Nation building, false flag events, regime changes, and fomenting social disturbance are disciplines within the shadow government. Tax payers are forced to pump more money into the military complex than their own school system. A complex which is already more funded than most other industrialized countries combined.

Climate Change

It’s hard to know what’s what with something as vast as climate change. How many people on Earth are perishing because of it though? How many people are perishing because of increased high intensity storms, flooding, and all else? The recent unprecedented drought that’s still going on in America now will cost countless lives from hunger. In many respects, climate change is going to be the top cause of death on most lists.

Whatever the reason is behind someone hunting down these lists, a more grand perspective is needed in order to have a bird’s eye view of the dangers out there today. Airplanes are getting safer, and cars that drive themselves are already appearing. The real dangers that lurk in society are like the ones briefly discussed above. Keep them in mind when viewing a list of accidents and disasters by death toll, because without them it’s far less realistic.

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