More Retirement Jokes for Teachers

Here’s a joke for the math teacher who is retiring, you could talk about how the teacher will no longer have to put up with attitude from students by telling the following teacher retirement joke:

The teacher asks, “What’s two plus two?” A student answers, “Four!” The teacher responds, “Yes four, that’s good!” The student retorts, “Good? That was perfect!”

You can’t let your teacher leave without a decent number of puns!

“Old teachers never die; they just grade away.”
– Anonymous

“Here about the cross eyed teach? She lost control of her pupils.”
– Anonymous

“He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.”
– Anonymous

And finally, Burt Reynolds speaks the truth about why retirement is oh, so sweet.

”Retirement must be wonderful. I mean, you can suck in your stomach for only so long.”
– Burt Reynolds

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