Quick Ways to Learn Social Studies

Social studies is the term that used to cover a wide range of subjects that involve past and present human behavior and interaction. Geography, history, government, culture, economics and religion all fall under its umbrella. From early childhood you will be helping your child to learn social studies, and understand the world around them, where it’s been, and where it’s headed.

For children some of the best ways to learn social studies are through games and stories. You can find some fun interactive computer games that cover every topic included in the studies. Stories about children growing up in different countries, or during various periods of history help children learn social studies as they are able to remember facts so much better within the context of a story.

As students move up in grades, they will manage to learn social studies through more in depth study. These subjects lend themselves to many interesting study ideas. Studies can be done by region, time period, and in many other ways. Students tend to learn social studies best when they are able to delve into the subject thoroughly. Such as studying a specific period of time, watching movies about the era, eating food from that period, building a model of a piece of architecture from that period, and role playing certain events from that time.

When you are trying to help your students or child learn social studies, try to lead them to understand that this is the story of the human race. They are a part of the story. Always do your best to make it a 3 dimensional experience, and draw in your students. The quickest way to learn social studies is the way that it is best remembered and retained, which usually involves some fanfare.

Photo Credit:Michael Davis-Burchat

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