Political Party Worksheets

Are you a schoolteacher of social studies or politics? If so, you should definitely look into finding a political party worksheet or two to enhance learning in your classroom. Using worksheets is one of the best ways to get students to show what they know, and it gives them practice in making the associations and memories that are so crucial to learning. Thankfully, there are tons of online resources available to teachers today that allow them to download great pre-made worksheets from the internet, in some cases for free.

A great place to go for a political party worksheet is EnchantedLearning.com. This site has tons of political worksheets, though you can only get a high quality printed version if you are a member. Membership to this site only costs twenty dollars a year, so you may want to consider buying access to these worksheets. These resources are mostly aimed at young children in elementary school.

EnchantedLearning.com has a political party worksheet for many different parts of the political process. Many of the worksheets involve comparing the two major political parties, such as Venn diagrams. There are also worksheets that make it easy for students to list two or three political candidates and compare their views on topics such as education, immigration, health care, social security, taxes, national defense, and energy.

There is also a very interesting political party worksheet that has the students create a poem out of the letters of a word related to the political process such as vote. There are also other worksheets related to the political process such as the distribution of the Electoral College across the United States. Maps of the United States are included so the students can color the states red and blue during a presidential election.

CyberLearning-World.com is another site where you can find a quality political party worksheet. This site has worksheets, videos, and PowerPoint presentations to help you and your students learn all about the election process. These worksheets range from simple definitions of political terms like Liberal, Conservative, Primary Election, and Ballot to more advanced worksheets about the details of each political party.

Some of their worksheets have to do with helping you determine your political stance. A political party worksheet can get you to express your views on various issues and will show you how to match up your opinions with those of the political parties. Students generally become categorized as Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

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