Help Build Dreams by Making the USMLE Easier

With the dream of becoming a doctor as your motivating force, you have been studying for years and are approaching the big, final test before you can apply for the unrestricted license to practice medicine in the USA. Your USMLE prep is so important to being able to achieve the results you are after.

In your USMLE prep you will go over the knowledge, concepts and principles you have been studying in medical school. The test is comprised of three parts, so the USMLE prep is ongoing until you have completed your last test.

This test is not aimed at simply determining whether you have assimilated and retained all the medical and scientific facts you have learned in medical school, or if you know the correct diagnosis for each sickness or ailment mentioned. The test is about your skills as a “people” doctor. Through this test your ability of how to take the knowledge, concepts and principles you have learned in medical school, and apply that knowledge to an actual patient is accessed. Therefore, the focus of your USMLE prep cannot be simply on the medical knowledge, but must include the patient centered skills which being a doctor will require.

You may want to hire a tutor for your USMLE prep. A tutor that has already taken the test and is familiar with the requirements of it will be a great boost to your preparation efforts. You can hire a tutor from a medical school, or you can put out your own ad and find a private instructor. You can also find helpful online courses you can work through. Be prepared to invest a good bit of time in your USMLE prep, as the more prepared you are, the more confident you can be for the big event.

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