Famous World History People: The Key to Memorizing World History Quickly

World history takes us through a volley of facts and information without the logic and consistency of mathematics, or the familiarity of English and grammar. Many find that they struggle with the memory retention of famous world history people and how to actually grasp and retain all of the information.

Step one to mastering world history is to carve out some distraction free time for yourself. It’s not something you can multi task on. Next, create a chronological time line for the famous person(s), event(s), or period(s) you are studying. Getting a good visual is important for your memorization. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just something that gives you the information visually.

Once you have your world history time line before you, study it, mark it, draw lines and arrows, and interact with it. Also, you should read over any notes you took from your actual class. Remember, what your professor or teacher shares with you in class are probably the parts they consider most important, so you want to retain them and visualize the famous historical figures involved.

In regards to how to learn about history, you will see that history is a story. Events don’t just happen or pull together from out of nowhere. Behind each outstanding evening in world history is a story, a reason, and a series of events. Learn the story and think about the actual famous world history people involved, and the facts will stick better.

Tell the events of world history that you are studying to yourself in your own words, and make the story yours. Getting it in your own words helps you to retain it better, almost as if you are writing a play or movie, with famous world history people as actors and actresses. Test yourself on what you have learned. Keep reviewing your world history time line over the next weeks, or whatever your study period is. It is much easier to go over the time line to refresh your memory than it is to reread the whole text.

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