Passing the Bar Exam

The Bar exam is the last gulf between law school graduate and lawyer. Frankly, it's a tough affair, lasting two or three days, depending on the state, and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, each year thousands of ordinary people step forward, put on their best and brightest thinking caps, and proceed to pass the Bar exam, some just barely, and some with flying colors.

The bad news is nobody in their right mind who's ever passed the Bar exam will reassure you that it'll be easy if you just follow these one-two-three-step guidelines. By the time you've gotten to the point where your next step is the Bar exam, you're most likely to have your personal study patterns and habits down pat, and you won't need us to tell you that learning everything you can about the challenge before you, studying smart, not cramming, and doing your very best, are the keys that will bring you through this ordeal and out the other side with honors. But if you already know all that, what's missing?

The good news is that there are ways to prepare yourself mentally, intelligently, and emotionally for the Bar exam. The most accepted and widely-acclaimed method of preparation is to take as many Bar Review courses as you need, and also Bar preparation courses. The Bar Review supplies your need for preparative study, while the Bar preparation tends to focus on getting you physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Don't neglect these vital steps on your way to the Bar exam! They will doubtless be the difference between passing the Bar exam and failing to do so.

And if you fail the first time around, don't fail to show up a second time. Failing to pass is not a reflection on your ability to become a fine lawyer; it simply means you were not completely prepared. If you feel embarrassed, disappointed, or like giving up, grit your teeth and smile wickedly at yourself in the mirror. “We'll foil them yet,” tell yourself to your face, “we'll beat it next time around!” Then, with the familiar knowledge of how the Bar exam works still fresh in your mind, get up for another round, and as statistics show, you'll most likely succeed the second time.

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