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How to Find Work as a Tutor
My senior year of high school, I convinced myself that I wanted to babysit for the entire summer before I went to college. For whatever reason, I told myself that the only opportunity for me to have a booming career in babysitting would be those three short months. So I did the whole shebang. I registered for all the free sign up websites, made flyers, and called families for whom I had previously babysat--and what d’ya know! I got jobs. I worked for a few families and made some good money. Guess what, finding work as a tutor is very similar.

If you have a teachable skill, then becoming a tutor may be a good way to earn some extra income or even a living if you can get enough interest and students. Reaching those potential students, especially starting from scratch, is the hard part. However you go about it, getting the message out that you are available for teaching a certain subject requires advertising, a lot of advertising. Here are some relatively cheap ways to get your name out there.

Trick #1: Write and publish what you know. Establish yourself as an expert in your field by writing informative articles (like I’m doing now) and sharing them online. When potential clients google your name, you want them to find articles about what you are qualified to teach, not photos of your beloved cat or a generic Facebook page. This will solidify your position and encourage clients to hire you. You know what you’re doing, you just have to prove it. Articles are one way to validate your expertise.

Trick #2: Advertise your personal profile or blog on relevant websites. LRNGO (this site) is not the only website with tutor profiles where you can write articles. Some websites are already writing articles about what you teach and will post your blog at the bottom for readers to get more information. If some sites charge a small fee for links to your other sites or articles, it can be a good deal and boost your site in search engines. Of course, sites like LRNGO that allow you to do this for free are a no brainer. This will bring visitors directly from the site the links are published on.

Trick #3: There are many sites besides LRNGO that will post your classified ad for free, find the right ones and you’re good to go. It can be a waste of time and possibly give you a bad rap if you post your information on Craigslist knockoff sites that sometimes harbor immoral or even illegal activities. Make sure that you will be safe and that you will be perceived as safe by potential customers on sites on which you post your information. Finding sites that are pandered towards and specialize in connecting tutors with students and students with tutors will be your best option. Some of these websites charge teachers and tutors a fee to “advertise” for students, or take a large percentage of the money you make tutoring. While this fee can be a wise investment in a service that is well managed and respected, sites that specialize in learning that allow you to create a profile and do business as you like at no cost are free advertising you should not turn down. Use your own judgement when paying fees or a percentage of your income.

Ultimately it may be difficult to find work as a tutor, but the above tips and tricks can help you find work more quickly, and although the initial hurdle might be challenging at times, finding the value in teaching is easy.

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School Teachers' Salaries Breakdown by Academic Level
School teachers' salaries have never rivaled those of bankers, financial experts, lawyers, or doctors, but the many people who hold school jobs will find that the life of a teacher is exciting and fulfilling. School teacher salaries are not all that bad, and you may find that holding school jobs will be better paid than other types of work, such as construction, graphic design, or freelance work.

In order to help you understand how much jobs as a school teacher may pay, here is a list of the school teachers' salaries according to the academic level. This breakdown is an overall average of the entire United States, meaning that the salary will differ from state to state. School teacher salaries will not be too different in each state, and you may find that the information below helps you to realize that school jobs are paid about the average wage.

School Teachers Salaries Breakdown by Academic Level

High School Teachers earn $43,450 per year

Elementary School teachers earn $40,049 per year

Middle School Teachers earn $41,887 per year

Special Education Teachers at Secondary School Level earn $43,866 per year

Secondary School Teachers earn $41,763 per year

Special Education Teachers at Middle School Level earn $41,728 per year

The above salaries are all an average of the entire country, and it is important to remember that some school teachers will be able to earn higher salaries than others depending on their location and academic level. In order to receive a higher salary, many teachers are finding that obtaining special certifications and extra degrees are enabling them to claim more professional expertise and thus higher pay. Looking into becoming a teacher can be the best way to start on a career path that will be filled with challenges, changes, and of course, amazing rewards in the changes that you will make in the lives of children and teenagers.

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Urban City NYC vs. Rural Town Cow College Locations
City College vs. Rural College
There are pros and cons to attending a city college as opposed to a rural college. Both the pros and the cons are things that you should take into consideration when deciding if a city college is the right college for you.

Some pros for attending a city college are:

  • Off-campus activities: Going to a city college means you will be living in a city and have access to all of the entertainment venues that a city provides. It is common to find stores, bars, and restaurants within walking distance of the campus. If you get bored with the on-campus activities, you can simply leave and have the city to experience at your fingertips.

  • Public Transportation: Cities have many different options for taking public transportation that will take you just about anywhere you want. This means you can forget the financial issues of buying a car and the hassle of taking care of a car while you’re enjoying your college experience. Public transportation is generally cheap and easy to figure out. It is a great way to get around to everywhere you need to go with no worries.

  • Jobs: Many college students need to get part-time jobs to have spending money. Attending a city college means that you are close to many shops, offices, and restaurants, which provide you with many job opportunities. You are more likely to find a job off-campus in a city, and will have more options of companies and jobs to apply to.

  • Internships: Graduating college with some experience under your belt will give you a huge advantage when applying for your first post-college job. Going to a city college means that you will be surrounded by companies that offer a wide range of internships, so you will be much more likely to find an internship that fits with your career path. (There is also a lot more competition for students between the larger companies in a big city, and this can work to your advantage.)

Some cons for attending a city college are:

  • Safety: Rural colleges are almost always in safer locations than city colleges. If you don’t know the city where your college is located very well, it is easy to end up in a bad neighborhood by walking a few blocks in the wrong direction. You will have to be more careful when travelling around to make sure you stay in safe areas of the city.

  • Lack of community: Since a city college is located near so many different entertainment venues, there tends to be less of a community feel on campus. With most everyone spending their free time away from campus, there is usually less activity going on at the campus. This can make getting to know other students more challenging.

  • Cost of living: If you are attending a city college, you will be living in or near a city. The cost of living in these urban areas can quite a bit higher than living in a rural area. If you plan on living off campus, expect your rent to be much higher for a much smaller space. Shops, bars, and restaurants also generally charge more in cities.

  • Crowds: There are very few spaces at a city college to spend time in peace and quiet and away from crowds. Be prepared to not have very much time away from the noises of city living. People will often walk across your campus to get from one side to the other so there will not likely be many spaces where you can spend time alone there.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to going to a city college. Everyone is different, so city colleges are the best option for some and rural colleges are a better option for others. Weigh your options carefully, and decide which features of college living are most important to you.

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How to Prepare for the LSAT Test
If you are seeking to pass the LSAT test and thereby gain admission to law school, there are several tips which may prove to be important to you. First of all, do your research carefully. Find out everything you can about theLSAT test, even before you begin studying for it. A comprehensive knowledge of what you're aiming for is a vital tool in your carpet bag.

Another tip: when you have gotten all the information you need, spare no expense and time in your studies. If your goal is to attend law school, you'll need a good score on your LSAT test, and getting a good study program is the surest way to reach your goal. The Law School Admission Council, or LSAC, offers some free LSAT testprep material on their website, and there are many sites dedicated to helping future examinees prepare adequately for the test.

It is highly advisable, once you are familiar with the material generally covered in the LSAT test sections, as well as the test directions, question types, and time limits, to give yourself several practice tests, simulating actual test conditions and time-frames. This will not only go a long way in preparing you mentally and psychologically for the LSAT test proper, but it'll also boost your confidence in your own skills, and help you locate your deficiencies and weak spots.

It is recommended that you acquire several practice or preparatory versions of the LSAT test, as it will give you a wider understanding of how to best apply your knowledge. You may also want to enlist the help of a tutor, or join an LSAT study group or support group, in order to make the most of your preparations.

If you are dissatisfied with your LSAT score, you may take the test again, up to three times within a two-year period. As law schools vary in the method of reviewing their applicants' LSAT scores, it is wise to find out what method your prospective law school adopts before retaking the test.

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Pile of Free Books to be Donated
Read Books Free Online with Free Online Libraries
As a tutor, there was a time when you had to carry books and study materials along with you to all of your tutoring engagements. However, now that you can read free books online with free online libraries, the world is at your fingertips. With only one laptop, you have a reference section of unlimited resources for all of your tutoring sessions.

Out of all the many jobs out there, isn’t that why you chose one of the careers in education—to learn as well as teach? What are the benefits of being able to read books free online with free online libraries? How about learning to be a professor, an educational administrator, an at home teacher, or one of the other careers in education? What makes that choice better than any other? If you can access information instantly and read free books online in free online libraries, you can research and decide for yourself.

It has often been said that when you teach, you learn. First of all, a huge reason to consider accessing free books online in free online libraries and tutoring in education is that education is so important to the future of the world. Without tutors and teachers, there would be so much missing from the world. There would be no medical research, no scientists, no engineers, no accountants, no historians, no writers, and no artists. The world would start to degrade and devolve, as everyone would be stuck with only the information they were born with, they learned in the natural course of life, or that their parents told them. Without people choosing to tutor and teach in education, the world would be lost. Luckily today, anyone can do this with resources that allow you to read books online and access free online libraries. For private tutors who didn’t used to have resources like classroom teachers, the internet is the great equalizer.

So what are the other reasons to find a way to read books free online with free online libraries? This tool could enable you to be an in home teacher, tutor, professor, administrator, or one of the other careers in education. These jobs can pay well, for one thing. Not as much as becoming a lawyer does perhaps, but more than many other careers. You can get a great salary if you are a high quality in home teacher or tutor, and with the advent of being able to read books free online in free online libraries, you can be completely mobile.

We all know that you are making a difference with jobs tutoring in education. You see people learning and growing through what you are doing, and that’s one of the most fulfilling things in the world. Not everyone is cut out for tutoring, but you might be—and if you are, today’s internet resources that enable you to read books free online in free online libraries can make a big difference in your ability to help and inspire your students. Think carefully as to whether your talents, skills, and preferences might just be perfect for tutoring jobs, and have your computer library ready. Click here to read books free online with free online libraries.

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