Local Class

Beginner Coding for Designers

Local Class

Teachers 2 Go, LLC

Address: 800 Wilcrest Dr. Suite #258, Houston, TX 77042
Date/Time: Contact us about schedule and details.
Price: $175
Phone Number: (713) 789-2352
Description: This class is for designers who want to build webpages from scratch with your own designs or learn to code to increase income. For designers who are new to HTML/CSS and coding in general, this class teaches you how to create and code websites using your own laptop with no prior experience in just four classes.

This is a hands-on website coding class with an instructor providing step-by-step training and no more than eight people per class, so you will have personalized attention. You will be creating a real website in the classroom, and we’ll dive right in to teach you the basics of what you need to know to code a website. At the end of the class, you will know how to build a complete and functioning website using HTML/CSS with modern techniques. Example: Website

Instructor Mandy Brake has 15 years engineering and coding experience, and has taught many beginners to code. She has built or modified over 100 websites, and is currently VP of Technology for LRNGO.com.

Four classes of 1.5 hours each. Expected time outside of class: 1 hour of homework for each class. Must bring your own working laptop. Enrollment is limited to eight students per class.

Classes are offered through Teachers 2 Go LLC, a Houston education company offering classes since 2007 and A+ rated with the BBB. For more information or to register, press the button below or contact through www.TeachersToGo.com or call 713-789-2352.