Buying Pizza vs. Making Your Own

A pizza is a delicious creation; a flat bread like base with savory tomato sauce, melted cheese and a variety of other toppings. It’s a favorite in households the world over. Pizza night is often highly anticipated, and one of the more affordable prepared foods options. With a pizza coupon family pizza night can be a weekly occurrence.

For people who love to cook, making a pizza themselves can be a rewarding activity. Making your own gives you full creative license. Your first choice is how thick on think you want your base. Do you love a pizza with a thin crust, or do you prefer the deep dish variety; the choice is yours. You aren’t stuck to a marinara base, but can choose Alfredo sauce, olive oil and herbs, pesto and anything else you’d like to experiment with. Toppings options are endless as well. Call over your friends and have a pizza party where each one creates their own pizza.

Another advantage to turning out a pizza from your own kitchen is that you can have more control over the nutrition factor. You can limit the less healthy ingredients, use organic ingredients, vegetarian, low fat or whole grain, and be sure all your ingredients are fresh. Many pizza restaurants offer these options, but preparing it yourself is more economical, usually.

Of course, it is a lot more work to create your own. Especially when you have a pizza coupon from your favorite pizza joint, the hassle free choice of an in home delivery is hard to pass up. You have to see what you have time for. Especially if it is your first attempt at making a pizza, allow yourself enough time. With practice you will become an expert at making the dough, rolling it out and creating the perfect pizza.

Photo Credit: Keram

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