Ceramics Terms and Phrases to Know

We see ceramic creations all the time—they are everywhere, all around us. They are so much a part of our everyday lives, in fact, that we tend to take them for granted, hardly giving them a second thought or glance. Ceramics instructors, collectors and creators know better, though. Where we see humble pots, they see exquisite creations of art; where we see bathroom accessories, they see luxurious home décor; where we see kitchen tiles, they see both practicality and beauty in one glorious package; where we see a vase, they see thousands of years of culture.

It is surprising to find out how many things we use and see on a daily basis that are, in fact, made from ceramics. Ceramics instructors can help you to identify these quality products, as well as tell you how they were made and what they are used for. For example, ceramics are not just dainty tea cups and tea pots; there are industrial ceramics products such as ceramic insulators which are very strong under compression, and are used in the cylinders of modern auto engines. This is just one of the amazing facts ceramics instructors can teach you.

You might think that ceramics instructors are few and far between, but in actuality, ceramics instructors are in high demand due to the sheer amount of products made with ceramics that we find all around us.

Ceramics instructors often have personal experience in creating or producing ceramics products and designs themselves, which makes them perfect for passing on this valuable information and knowledge. They have not simply gathered their data from stale books, but have their own experiences to back it up with. This is a very important aspect for not only ceramics instructors, but teachers of all kinds.

Photo Credit:Hans Splinter

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