Cook a Delicious & Inexpensive Sunday Brunch for your Family

Have you marveled at how the Jones’s seem to have the perfect BBQ, picnic, or family lunch, while you watched on drearily as you ate your humble pie—or rather, peanut butter and jam sandwich? Have you always wanted to cook a great meal for your family, with plenty of extras, but without the high bills?

There are plenty of places and ways to learn cooking tips that will have you and your family—maybe even the Jones’s surprise and asking, “Hey, when did you learn to cook such fabulous food?”

To learn cooking tips, the first step is to decide that you’re really gonna do it and stop procrastinating! Next, find the best course for you to learn cooking tips, and don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from! After that, choose a course, stick with it, and then try your first meal! Make sure you have all the ingredients before you start, and then go for it!

What’s great about a cooking course is it cannot only teach you how to cook, but also how to budget your meals and get the most bang for your buck. Some people think that to learn cooking tips takes a lot of time and more effort than they are able to give it. Not true! Start with the simple stuff, gain confidence, and you will soon be carving your own turkey for thanksgiving dinners!

An example of an inexpensive yet gourmet Sunday brunch menu would be scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, banana walnut cinnamon pancakes and a fresh fruit salad. Not only are these items easy to make, but they are deliciously fresh and affordable as well. For the scrambled eggs, chop up the smoked salmon into pieces and add them into the cooked eggs while they are still wet. Top the finished eggs with chopped up chives to dress them up. For the banana walnut pancakes, you can use a pre-made pancake batter or make your own. Add cinnamon to the batter as well as some chopped walnuts and sliced bananas. Cook the pancakes on low to medium heat in a non-stick pan until you see bubbles forming then flip the pancake over. Serve with real maple syrup. For a great tasting fresh fruit salad, use a combination of cantaloupe, banana, apple, orange and strawberries. Squeeze a little lemon or lime juice on top to add a fresh citrus flavor.

So start today to learn cooking tips—it’s easier and even more fun than you think! Once you learn cooking tips that give you a foundation in the basics of cooking, there will be nothing stopping you! You can throw that party that will “wow” everyone next week! So what’s stopping you? Start to learn cooking tips now!

Photo Credit: Nicole Abalde

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