Creating a Funny Gift Certificate

Sometimes it can be tough to come up with original and interesting gifts for the holidays and for birthdays. Gift certificates have been becoming more and more popular. These are great gifts because generally it lets the person choose whatever they want from a store but still shows that you took some time to pick their gift out. There are also many ways of creating a funny gift certificate for your friends and family – have you ever thought that you can make up any gift certificates you want? Making your own gift certificates will really show that you put some time and effort into their gift.

Overall, you will only be limited by your own creativity. The best way to go about creating a funny gift certificate is to consider the recipient's work, hobbies, interests, daily activities, favorite foods, places to go, etc. Think about any outstanding qualities the person has, or anything especially noticeable about them. Imagining the time that you first met them might be a good idea. Creating a funny gift certificate doesn't happen without a bit of effort. Brainstorm for a little while and write down your ideas. Then go through them and pick out the best ones.

You basically have two choices – you can make a certificate that the person can exchange for a task, such as a back rub, or you can just make a funny certificate about that person. You will have to be creative about this, depending on the person and the situation. Promising a co-worker a Pancake Dinner In Bed might send a strange message, but this would be good for a spouse. If you are a manager at an office, creating a funny gift certificate can let you abuse your power in some interesting ways. You can certify your employees to wear funny hats, have first dibs on the copy machine, or give out some free passes to get lunch for the office.

Creating a funny gift certificate to honor a person's quirky traits goes well with another gift. You can give a person an award like this for having the Most Interesting Hair (or Smell), the Loudest Laugh, or being a Facebook Fanatic. There are many work-place opportunities for gift certificates like these. The Mime Award can be given for Advanced Skill in Pretending To Work, and the Tardiness award can be given to whoever tends to come in late the most. The Sleepyhead Award is not one you want to get in front of your boss.

Be sure to put a short subtitle or message explaining the award when you are creating a funny gift certificate. Don't just give them the Naptime Award – be sure to explain that it is for Exemplary Service And Dedication In Dreamland. Make sure that your gift certificate looks nice – use a word processor to format your award and put a nice border around it. You can also buy a shiny gold sticker for it that says '#1' or something similar. If you have great handwriting, you can even write and draw the whole thing yourself.

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