Find a Calligraphy Workshop and Design Extraordinary Letters

Calligraphy is a word derived from its Greek root “kallos” meaning “beauty” and the word “graphẽ” meaning “writing”. It certainly qualifies itself as beautiful writing, and is a famous art that has been around for hundreds of years. Deriving its origins from early writings of the Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Roman countries, it has now become a commercially used function for portraying beauty and professional scripts. Many of our modern computer fonts find their roots in calligraphy.

Learning calligraphy is something that could be highly useful for someone in the art development line of work, or to someone who works within the wedding planning or preparation work. It is also a very interesting and fun hobby, with so many typefaces to learn and much practice needed.

There are many ways to take to learn calligraphy. One very good way is to go to a calligraphy workshop or classes. There are many top companies and individuals that offer top services in this field. To name a few, Thomas Ingmire, Society of Scribes, Achyut Palav, and so many others are there and available for you to learn from at a very high level.

Another means to learning calligraphy is by the simply purchasing a book or tutorial at a local bookstore or leasing one from a library. This would mean that you have a much more flexible window of time to learn, and you could move at your own pace, getting each facet of calligraphy down to an expert level.

There are also many online means via which you could learn. YouTube and many other online video sites present many methods and application formats.

A key element to any type of learning is practice. Repeating these things over and over again is the best way to become proficient in them and to advance. Do and do again, until you are ready to be considered a pro.

Photo Credit:Axel Rouvin

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