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Are you having trouble coming up with great domain names? If so, you probably already know that having a good domain name is like having a good piece of real estate. The best names get the most traffic, and consequently make the most money. In general, there are two types of good domain names – short with less than ten characters, and long and keyword filled. If you are depending on word of mouth, you will probably want a shorter domain name, while if you are hoping to be found by search engines you should go with a longer name.

Some domain names stand out among others. In general, these are the catchiest and most memorable names. Obviously the major search engines all have a wonderfully simple, easy to remember name such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. Some of the other greatest names are simple expressions of what the site offers, such as, which lets you search for local people to walk your dog for you. Another great name is, which contains tons of technology-related information. There are sections for audio equipment, computing, gaming, hacking, entertainment, and cell phones. is an extremely useful and popular domain name. This site offers free tracking of flights, and will even send updates to your mobile phone. The site is a wonderful resource for people looking for information about the Jewish faith. This is a forum and question and answer site, allowing people to post questions about Judaism and have them answered by knowledgeable people.

If you are having difficulty coming up with great domain names, there are many tools available to help you find the perfect one. To begin with, you should check out the Google AdWords tools. Through the AdWords tools, you can input a few keywords and see how people are using those words as they search. For example, the keyword 'cooking' comes up with hundreds of results. You can browse these results and learn what people are typing into the Google search. Then, you can design your domain names with this information in mind.

Once you have the topics you would like to create domain names for, you may find it difficult to come up with a name that is not already taken. Thankfully, there are again tools to help you out. A great one is, which also has a perfect domain name itself. This site is designed with you, the domain name creator, in mind. You can input the keyword you would like to use for your name, and also choose some modifying words such as adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc. You can have the extra words appended to either the beginning or end of your keyword.

This site is great because it will search the internet for your keyword and find the names that are already taken, and then give you a list of domain names that are available to you. If you don't like any of the results, you can simply search again and get a new list. Impossibility also gives you a link to register that name with Go Daddy or Name Cheap, which are domain name registration sites.

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