Fire Magic Echelon Diamond

Grilling meat goes back to the days of rock ovens inside cave man dwellings and probably included some medium rare mammoth steaks. In modern times as the Food Network expands and grows to epic proportions, grilling is taking on a whole new life of its own. From the Iron Chef to the Next Food Network Star, viewers have seen the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill countless times.

If aliens ever show up and want to taste some human delicacies, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond is what top generals would grill a steak on to satisfy the visitors. There’s a reason why some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and chefs sport one of these 21st century grilling wonders. Furthermore, there’s a reason why they are on the major network sets, from NBC to BRAVO or WEtv. In fact, when it comes to the fierce competition in grilling things just right, the Echelon Diamond series is considered a secret weapon.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond & Outdoor Kitchens

This article will explore some of these grill’s astounding features and how they relate to an outdoor kitchen experience like no other.

  • Heat- The fact of the matter is that these grills get far hotter than the average hot dog cooker. In fact, there’s a 1000 degree difference between highest and lowest temperatures. This means that when entertaining guests literally anything can be cooked, or even kept warm, with perfection. Additionally, because of the expert level of distribution, and the stainless steel E Burners, the heat balance ensures proper preparation every time.
  • Backburner- There’s no ceramic to be found. Instead it’s beautiful stainless steel that has zero chance of cracking. Furthermore, the room for food is wonderful and light years ahead of any other rudimentary grill. The measurements are 12’’ deep. Once coupled with a tall hood, affording any griller enough room for a family size rotisserie, anything is possible.
  • Ignition- This part is simple, it lights every single time. Even if it’s pouring rain and snow, the battery operated push to light technology never fails.
  • Firebox- The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond goes beyond the 6-8’’ deep fireboxes of cheaper alternative grilling machines. This particular grill goes an even 12’’, so that more meat and food stuffs can be fit inside, but more importantly so that the consistency in the cooking process is unmatched in quality.
  • Digital Accoutrements- Some people get the sensation that they are standing at the helm of a spaceship when in front of the Echelon Diamond. Everything is digital. In fact, the hood can be lifted and shut with remote control! The knobs, gauges, and lights make it one of the most impressive additions to any outdoor kitchen in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond comes from a company that’s been in the business of making grills for around 75 years. They’ve been there through every generation, and have faithfully brought their products to new standards in every decade. When humanity colonizes mars, the colonies will probably be using one of these big guys. Enjoy!

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