Free Stuff in Fort Myers, FL

There are plenty of free attractions for vacationers and locals in Fort Myers, FL. Most involve the natural beauty intrinsic to the Sunshine State, but there are plenty of constructed facilities, too. From sunny beaches to fine parks and museums, Fort Myers has a little of everything for the visitor on a budget.

The beach receives top billing in Fort Myers. Sun, sand, and surf have always been free, and Florida’s beaches are world famous for their beauty and mild climate. Among the free stuff in Fort Meyers FL, Fort Myers Beach in particular is award-winning for safety. This distinction is based on the shallow water and lack of dangerous undertow. Fishing folk might have a field day here as well. Fort Myers Beach has several fishing piers, some in excess of 600 feet. The Beach Pub at 1668 I Street hosts public campfire jam sessions on a regular basis, so visitors can enjoy an little surf and sound at the same time. For those who do have a little to spend, the beach also has many low-cost attractions available, from parasailing to paddle boarding to guided kayak nature tours.

Fort Myers also has beautiful, well-maintained parks. The Estero Community Park and Recreation Center is large at 55 acres. Visitors can expect to enjoy a broad range of athletic activities, such as basketball, bocce ball, and sand volleyball. Speaking of free stuff in Fort Meyers FL, lucky visitors will be able to attend a free concert at the Center’s outdoor amphitheater. Lakes Regional Park features a 158-acre freshwater quarry lake where visitors can fish for bass or bream, as long as they can share the space with the local alligators. Birdwatchers and photographers can have a field day here; ibis, egrets, and cormorants abound. Baseball fans should visit Terry Park. From the little league and up, visitors can find a baseball or softball game there on a daily basis. The technophile gets an added bonus as well. Each of these parks has one or more free Wi-Fi hotspots available.

Although not always, free, other free stuff in Fort Meyers FL includes some of the Museum facilities. The museum facilities in Fort Myers are top notch, and military personnel and their families receive free admission to most of the museums in the area. At the Southwest Florida Museum of History, visitors can learn about Florida’s past. Native history is a prevalent subject for exhibits, as is the Spanish Colonial Era. Basilosaurus and Megalodon fossils are also on display for Paleo Era aficionados. Admission is also free on certain days of the month or year at some facilities. For example, fathers get free admission at the Imaginarium Science Center on Father’s Day. The Imaginarium is a fun place for the whole family to learn about science and wildlife, with some high tech features as well. Visitors can enjoy a free 3D movie with the already low price of admission or play physics games like “Build a Coaster”.

These are not the only free choices for sightseers in Fort Myers FL, but they are some of the best “free stuff” anywhere. Visit soon and enjoy all the attractions this beautiful island can offer to the frugal fun-seeker.

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