Funny College Student Survival Kits

Have you ever received a survival kit? Getting a package full of funny and useful things when you need it most can be a great feeling. Sometimes students can get homesick while away at college, and funny survival kits can cheer them up quite a bit. There's nothing like getting a little piece of home in the mail to lift your spirits and remind you that people back home are thinking of you. If you are planning on sending a survival kit to a student, there are many things you can include.

Funny student survival kits are meant to be interesting, helpful, and amusing. They don't have to be fancy or expensive – oftentimes ordinary or household items can be the most meaningful. Try to pick items that will remind the student of an important thing to remember while at college. You may want to consider making and including a list of the items and their meanings as well.

Toothpicks can be a funny way to remind a student to keep their eyes open in class. You can throw some cotton balls in to represent the times when it will be so noisy that they won't be able to hear themselves think. Some other good items for funny college survival kits are a tootsie roll to help you roll with the punches and a pencil to write your wrongs. A button can be a good way to remind someone to button their lips, and a candle can represent the way they will probably have to stay up late to finish assignments.

Some confetti can remind you of your high school graduation celebration and your accomplishment of getting into college. Candy is a great choice for a cute survival kit because they can eat the treat and leave the wrapper in the kit. Good-n-plenty candies will wish you plenty of good times, and Starburst's are for the late-night bursts of energy you will need. Sweet N Sour candies will remind them to accept people, especially roommates, as they are. A Payday bar might remind them not to spend all of their money or to focus on getting a career started, and Skittles can represent the variety you find at a university.

A small flashlight can represent the way you find the best path through the unknown, and batteries will keep you energized. Rubber bands in funny student survival kits will remind the student to remain flexible and open to new experiences. A couple Tylenol or Advil would make a good contribution, and are pretty self-explanatory.

Funny college student survival kits can be a great way to show your child or friend that you care about them and are thinking about them. You can put all the items in a bag, but a jar is a great option if you can. Including a list of all the items and their meanings will help the recipient know what you meant by each item. Get creative – creating a survival kit can be almost as fun as getting one!

Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar

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