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Do you own or manage a homeschool? More and more people these days are choosing to have their children homeschooled. In fact, many parents are deciding to homeschool their children themselves. If you are running a homeschool, you probably already know that coming up with a name for your school can be quite difficult. There are plenty of homeschool name ideas out there, but how exactly do you go about picking a name? Your name will represent your school and set the theme, so it is important to pick something appropriate.

You will need to begin by deciding how professional or legitimate you want your name to be. Some homeschools are more casual, and have silly names that may be chosen by the children themselves. Hobbies and interests make good candidates for this – examples are the Tiny Tigers Academy or the Pretty Princess Homeschool. If you plan on homeschooling for a long time you may want to consider some more professional-sounding homeschool name ideas.

There are many possible ways to name your homeschool in a formal way. Some people choose to name their school after the road or location they live in, such as Bear Road School, Mountain Pine Academy, Sunshine School, River Rock School, or Suburban School. In many cases homeschools are based around a particular religion, often a form of Christianity, and many homeschool name ideas are designed in regards to this. Some great words to incorporate into a name like this are Christian, Love, Rejoice, Growth, Prudence, Honesty, Temperence, Justice, Light, Wise Path, and Truth.

It is important to consider the future of your students and your school when thinking of homeschool name ideas. Many people decide to include their last name in the title, such as The Franklin Academy or The Smith School. You should think carefully before you use your name in the title, however – would you want your child telling people that they go to a school with their own name in it? Some people do prefer this, but not everyone.

Some homeschools use the names of famous and influential people and scholars. The founding fathers are good choices, as are famous philosophers, writers, and scientists. Cultural and religious heroes can make a title sound very impressive. Personal friends and relatives who may have had a profound impact on the family are good candidates as well because their influence will continue to be felt through their name.

If you are still having trouble coming up with homeschool name ideas, you may want to consider combining some of the above ideas. You can add in words such as 'of Excellence', take pieces of several names and put them together, or just use the initials of your names. Take your time when naming your homeschool and come up with something that your students will be proud of.

Remember that your name will come to represent your school, and the students who attend will be telling people and employers the name of their school. If you are serious about your school, choose something that reflects your overall philosophy and the goals you have in mind. Take a few weeks to make sure that you like any name you choose before creating anything like I.D. cards or shirts.

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