Interior Design Lessons for Beginners

Interior Design is a fascinating, creative, and fulfilling field of study for anyone, especially those who consider themselves to have an eye for matching colors, patterns, and objects to their surroundings. While interesting and fun, it also requires years of serious study and practice, and for that reason many people are afraid to take the first steps toward choosing it as a career. But the reality is that no matter who you are or what your budget is, you can take those steps and begin to enjoy the process of learning and growing in an interior design career.

In order to become an interior designer, you must start by taking lessons, and luckily, lessons come in a variety of flexible options in order to fit your preferences. Taking a course at a local art school would be one extremely straightforward and effective way to go about it. You would have regular hours and be able to enjoy the benefit of having a teacher and a class to learn interior design with.

But not everyone can afford, whether by time or resources, to go to the regular interior design classes at an actual school. In that case, another option would be to take private lessons, following your own schedule and most likely stretching out the course to take much longer. These classes would be more flexible but also probably end up costing you more money in the long run.

The final and perhaps the best option left, which many, many people have come to see as right for them, is online or distance learning interior design classes. Online classes let you follow your own schedule unsupervised, only requiring that you send in assignments on time and get passing grades. These are a great way for a beginner to start, because not only are they cheap, but they are also time efficient, effective, and allow for review and rereading whenever the student likes. With a good distance learning course, anyone can learn interior design at their own pace.

For the amateur interior designer wannabe, there are so many home decorating shows being broadcast on channels such as HGTV, TLC and Bravo now that these are a great resource for learning interior design. Many of the shows have websites with even more resources for you to check out, and some of the show's designers will even answer online questions. Becoming a great interior designer doesn’t necessarily require getting a degree. Many interior designers don’t have degrees but started out in similar creative professions, such as fashion design, creative design or art. And of course, if you didn’t start out in a creative profession, don’t worry. It’s likely that if you are even thinking of entering this field that you are a creative person, and with the right training and interior design lessons, you could become one of the greats!

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