Liven Up Your Bathroom with Novelty Toilet Paper

The novelty toilet paper industry is a surprisingly large and exuberant industry, but really – can you think of a reason not to have interesting toilet paper? White toilet paper only helps give a cold, doctor's-office-like feel to the bathroom. You should consider getting something to make your bathroom a bit more pleasant to be in. Novelty toilet paper and other bathroom products come in a huge array of shapes and styles. Many companies offer top-notch variety and quality in their selections.

Novelty toilet paper comes in almost any category you could wish. Some are pretty, some are funny, and some are just plain weird. Flowers are a popular choice – who wouldn't want to wipe with some rose petals? Bright floral colors can also go well with bathroom wallpaper or other products. An opposite but interesting option which will send quite a different message is cactus toilet paper. Holidays are another large category of toilet papers. There are toilet papers for dozens of holidays, with things like hearts or kisses for Valentine's Day, pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween, gifts for Christmas. There are also toilet papers that say Happy Birthday, and some with other holiday songs.

There are also many more interesting and clever novelty toilet paper designs. Some people prefer to wipe with one hundred dollar bills; others use their toilet paper to let it be known that the bathroom is a BioHazard or Toxic Waste area. Camouflage toilet paper might make a nice gift for a member of the armed services, and pure black toilet paper would mix things up a bit. Other papers look like sandpaper, rocks, or flies. Friends who are into politics might appreciate some novelty toilet paper emblazoned with the symbol of their rival party – yes, you could call this Democrap Paper. A very useful addition to the household might be toilet paper that reminds you to put the seat down. Just as useful might be toilet paper with the reminder 'S*&t Happens.'

There are a number of novelty toilet paper solutions for people who easily get bored in the bathroom. Sudoku is a favorite, though you may forget that you need to leave the bathroom eventually. Some have crossword puzzles, word searches, or mazes. Other toilet papers feature other types of puzzles and mind games. This can be an easier and more hygienic option than bringing a book or magazine into the bathroom. There are also toilet paper rolls that play a message when paper is ripped off. These are usually funny quips about the business at hand, and sometimes you can record your own messages.

If you can't find a novelty toilet paper store near you, the internet is a good place to look. There are dozens of stores with wide selections. If you don't see what you want, some stores even offer customizable toilet paper. Just send in the appropriate order form and they will create your very own personalized novelty toilet paper. Why not try it? This is a small investment, and it might liven up something you do almost every day.

Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise

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