Manners & Etiquette Studies-Simple Guide

Having social graces, manners and etiquette can open doors for you almost faster than any other impression you make. Poor manners and etiquette on the other hand can ruin your chances for a promotion, getting noticed, or obtaining a working network, quicker than anything else.

Today’s young professionals might appreciate help to fine tune their knowledge of the almost forgotten art of manners and etiquette. Over the past few years, many etiquette schools have opened their doors to train young people just entering the work force, and business professionals seeking to expand their social and professional image.

Manners and etiquette schools, such as The Etiquette School, might focus on only one, a few, or all of the etiquettes. Some of the top schools will offer classes in, social etiquette business and communications, telephone, table and dining manners, and teens and youth etiquette.

Here is a sample of the manners and etiquette questions and studies that the school you attend will be teaching you:

Business Etiquette

  • When is the best time to arrive for your appointment?
  • It is good manners to ask a company executive or CEO about payment of an outstanding invoice?
  • Is it polite to exchange business cards during dinner?
  • In a receiving/ greeting line, is it appropriate to be holding a drink in your hand?
  • When introducing your superiors to others, who do you introduce first?

Social Etiquette

  • Invited to a dinner party, should you bring the host or hostess a gift?
  • With the gender roles changing today, should the man still open the door, or is it okay for the woman to?
  • After a sports event or game how do you show good sportsmanship?
  • What are sensitive questions that are generally too personal to ask someone you don’t know well?
  • What do you do when someone wants to shake your hand but your hands are dirty, or you just washed them and they are still wet?

Dining Etiquette

  • Which direction should I pass the food when dining at the table?
  • Which person should pay the bill when dining at a restaurant?
  • Where does the finger bowl get placed when you are finished with cleaning your fingers?
  • What should you do if you have to spit something out, such as fish bones etc.?
  • What is the etiquette when answering an important phone call at a meal?

Website of two recommended manners and etiquette schools: ; and .

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