Schonbek 568826S French Gold

When shopping for chandeliers like the Schonbek 568826s French gold, it can be a bit daunting. The price range is broad, and the sheer amount of different designs, coloring, displays, and artistry is staggering. Browsing big retailers online can deprive an eager buyer of the history behind these products. However, there is one company out there that’s been around for 142 years and going with them will always deliver the best results.

Schonbek History

Adolf Schonbek was a glass maker, and at the ripe age of 24 left the family business to start out on his own. He went straight from typical glasswork to build chandeliers out of crystal. Since then his name has become synonymous with striking beauty, artisan craftsmanship, and spectacular feats of light. The company specializes in classic presentations, more contemporary masterpieces, or custom and authentic designs especially for their prestigious clientele.

Recently, their Schonbek 568826s French gold has received tons of affectionate attention. Here is a breakdown:

he Schonbek 568826s French Gold

  • Twenty Eight Lights perfectly positioned around three tiers.
  • Part of the Milano Collection.
  • Created to pay homage to, and characterize 18th century Rococo.
  • Made of Italian castings.
  • Includes arms, beautiful and ornate scrolls, and countless fascinating fittings and artistic nuances.
  • Every inch is covered in decorative patterns and flourishes.
  • Available is a large variety of different finishes and crystal placement options.

Moving Forward with Schonbek

Whether one visits Buckingham Palace, or the White House, chandeliers like the Schonbek 568826s French gold can be enjoyed along with some of the most affluent and powerful people in the world. The reason is because of the history of the company. They almost spearheaded the industry, and have always maintained a forward thinking type of ingenuity and innovation, while sticking to the basics that have been enjoyed for generations.

The business and the industry in general, reached new plateaus when Schonbek coupled with the Swarovski Company in 2007. The two companies combined have 255 years of tradition backing them. Here are just a few of the incredible things that have brought Schonbek to where it is now in 2012.

  • From 1890-1900, not long after going into business himself, Franz Joseph I awarded Schonbek with the crest that is still seen to this day. Around the same time, Schonbek created a mammoth 27 foot tall candle chandelier for the Nizam in India!
  • In 1971 Arnold Schonbek patented the so called bow tie connector which has becomes standard in the industry around the world.
  • 13 years later the company unveiled another ground breaking methodology on how to glue crystals together. It’s used in the Schonbek 568826s French gold model.
  • While the products have been in countless movies, in 2010 many believed that the one included in Black Swan truly solidified the company’s place in modern entertainment.

If one is serious about getting a crystal chandelier, they owe it to themselves to check out Schonbek’s products, because in many parts of the world, they are considered among the very best.

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