The numbers are in and not only do women control the US workforce, but the commercial machine as well. Ladies like alternatives, and being able to shop online in more than one place. They’re visual creatures that like sites that not only deliver when it comes to options, but provide plenty of pictures. is a great place to shop for dresses, and comes without all the fuss of bloated retailers. This article is a review of the site, and why it is a clear winner in many respects.

Niche Buying Experience

Along with an extremely user friendly outlay, the niche experience makes things much easier for browsers. When dealing with other giant online retailers, it’s too easy to get distracted by sidelined marketing. With it’s dresses and that’s it, but for any occasion that takes place under the sun.

The categories under shopping options cover everything, and any style. Additionally, each category are pages of results, rather than one or two. Niche shopping is something that seems to specialize in for dresses.

Visually Quality

Visually the site is top notch. From the overall web mastering to the very high quality pictures that compliment every dress, it’s visually a great place to shop. The majority of their stock revolves around weddings, but they have plenty for Homecoming dresses, Cocktail dresses, and even gowns for example.

The level of photography simply cannot be overstated. spared no expense when it came to delivering pictures of dresses that truly capture the product. Although on the other side of the coin, there aren’t many plus sized models. They’re all rather skinny, and look as though they’re truly about to go out to a party or wedding.

If one clicks on a certain dress, they will get all the fine details, and different perspectives. If the mouse pointer is hovered over a selected picture it gets huge to give a much more in-depth look.

Range of Prices

The price ranges are exactly what one would expect. The site has over 1500 options in the $100.00-$199.00 bracket, about 500 in the $200.00-$299.99 range, and very few above $300.00.

Other Details of the Site

Everything is very well maintained and moderated. There are no empty pictures, or anything that would lead someone to believe they’re not dealing with a legitimate online retailer. They have prompt customer service, order tracking functions, and even a live chat area where shoppers can mingle and talk about the products.

Additionally, they have a reliable return policy, delivery estimations, testimonials, and thorough company information. Anyone can tell within minutes that they can feel comfortable making a purchase at the site. Gets High Reviews

In nearly every respect this is a quality site that is becoming more and more popular, but sticking to its niche nonetheless. It’s working, and as their product list grows, the deals and bargains that can be found are simply out of this world. With this site as an alternative, when it comes to buying dresses for all occasions online, there are few others that compare.

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