Ten Tips for Effective Dog Training

Training your dog can be a fun, productive, and bonding experience for both of you, and it’s easier than you think. Not many people want to learn dog training, nor do they want to pay for someone else to teach their dog. But the path to learn dog training can be easy, and with a little bit of dedication, patience, and determination, anyone can turn their dog into the best trained dog on the block. By following these ten tips, so can you.

  1. Choose one person to learn dog training and train the dog. Avoid exposing the dog to multiple commands from different people, as it will just confuse and frustrate the dog.
  2. Only teach your dog one thing at a time. Once again, this avoids confusion.
  3. Teach your dog while he plays. You can learn dog training and incorporate it into your dog’s playtime, teaching him to associate fun and obedience and helping him learn more quickly.
  4. Teach your dog all throughout the day at every opportunity. Make it a part of his life and it will come as second nature to him to obey.
  5. Go to other places when you plan to train. The change of surroundings will not only add more interest, but also reinforce the idea that obedience isn’t just for “at home”.
  6. Only speak to your dog cheerfully. Even if you learn dog training like a pro, you still need to be nice to your dog, or he will fear you.
  7. When your dog does well, reward him. Avoid punishing negative behavior; instead reinforce good behavior with incentives and treats.
  8. Don’t get discouraged if it seems that to learn dog training is in a slow progress. You can’t expect too much of your dog.
  9. When progress is slow, laugh and keep a sense of humor about it.
  10. Finally, evaluate your dog’s progress regularly, changing things that aren’t working and adding variety where needed.

Within a few simple months, you could learn dog training and be teaching your dog all sorts of tricks and commands. Try it!

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