The Worst Christmas Gifts

Do you have a passion for the weird? Do you hate giving bad gifts? If you fall into either of these categories, you may want to be aware of the worst Christmas gifts available out there. Whether you want to express your strangeness or you just want to avoid some embarrassment, you can find these awful gifts spread out across the internet. Some of these gifts are funny; in some cases, the only funny thing is the state of mind of the gift giver.

People love to compile lists on the internet of the best and worst things for every category you can imagine, and Christmas gifts are no different – there are plenty of them out there. Perhaps the worst gift you could possibly give to a little girl is the My Cleaning Trolley by the Girls Only brand. This is a small pink custodian's trolley, mop, and mop bucket. If anything screams gender inequality and a pure lack of thought, it is this strange toy. This is definitely one of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

Another terrible gift is earrings made from squirrel feet. That's right, squirrel feet. In fact, any jewelry of any sort made from any part of a rodent will make a pretty bad gift. It's probably best to just play it safe and not involve rodents at all, they make the worst Christmas gifts. If you are a man, remember to avoid makeup and other beauty products like slimming pills when shopping for women. This will not send the message you hoped it would and might cause some problems.

For some people, toilet paper is one of the worst Christmas gifts they can imagine getting. However, for other people it can be not too bad. There are all sorts of novelty toilet tissues like Obama toilet paper, sports teams' toilet paper, and holiday toilet paper. Make sure you know a bit about the person before you decide to get them bathroom products.

Some toys are without a doubt on the list of worst Christmas gifts. The Playmobil Security Checkpoint is one of these. Does your child enjoy making people wait in line, walk through scanners, and throw away their toe-clippers? No? That's why this gift is awful. Another terrible toy is the Fish Preparation Toy kit. Your grateful child will be able to learn to slice up a salmon properly, but who cares? The Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring is not as exciting as it sounds. In fact, it's one of the worst Christmas gifts because it is totally useless and thumb wrestling is only fun for about one minute at a time.

The internet has a huge selection of gifts available, so thankfully you will never have to settle for any of these gifts. The worst Christmas gifts might make a good joke gift – you can wrap up a little awful toy in a big box and get their hopes up only to disappoint them with the Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring. Then, you can pull your real gift from behind your back which will look much better by comparison, for a little one-two holiday punch!

Photo Credit: Giovanni Orlando

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