What Breed of Dog do I Want?

When an individual, couple, or family decide it’s time to invest in a dog, there’s so many questions that pop up which people rarely take the time to reflect upon. Dogs are living, thinking, and feeling animals. Taking the time to really conduct some research before jumping into an investment makes things safer and easier for both the humans and the dogs involved. Here’s a list of the most important things to think about when asking, “What breed of dog do I want?”

Cost Effective

Certain people like certain dogs, and pure blood breeding costs a pretty penny. The rarer a breed, the more it’s going to cost. Furthermore, certain breeds require a fair amount more in terms of care, food, and accommodations. Money should play a big role whenever addressing the question, “What breed of dog do I want?”

How Big Should the Dog Be?

Everyone knows that it’s not fair to expect a big dog meant for open spaces to be constantly crammed into a tiny one bedroom apartment. On the other hand, small dogs don’t really hand huge spaces well. Before choosing a breed, make sure to take the place the dog will grow up into account. Size matters when wondering, “What breed of dog do I want?”

Considerations of Fur

All too often aspiring dog owners think of the aesthetics of their breed’s coat before the realities. Having a Golden Retriever is fine, as long as the owner is going to take the time to keep its hair combed. Otherwise the poor thing will turn into a matted mess. Some breeds shed more than others do as well. For those who are looking for low maintenance, breeds with naturally short hair are preferable.

Drooling Acceptable?

If an owner identifies with a breed that drools then by all means, otherwise pay attention. Whether it’s a Basset Hound, Bulldog, or English Setter, make sure to set down whether drool is acceptable or not. Although most people don’t initially expand upon the question “What breed of dog do I want?” with “more drool” or “less drool,” they will often discover it was a consideration after wards - especially if the choice turns out to be a St. Bernard or a Portuguese Water Dog. These are two of the breeds known to have the most drool.

Allergies could be an Issue

If safety and the quality of the dog’s life have any bearing when wondering, “What breed of dog do I want?” then get to know what kinds of dogs may have allergies that could act up in your area. Things to keep in mind are mold, other animals, and any food or rare plant life growing in the immediate area that the dog could get into.

What is the Dog’s Role?

One of the best ways to get to the bottom is to figure out at the end of the day what the role of the dog will be. Is the dog going to be specifically meant purely for companionship? Will there be any hunting involved? Are you looking for a guard dog? Do you expect the dog to be primarily indoor or outdoor? Are you in need of a dog with special training to assist you? Is the dog for the whole family or meant for just the kids?

Finally, when considering the question, “What breed of dog do I want?” ask yourself whether you would like to save a dog’s life or not. There are countless dogs in shelters waiting for good homes. They might need a little work, but they’re cheaper and typically in desperate need.

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