Where to Find Novelty Toilet Paper

Are you trying to make your bathroom a bit livelier? Novelty toilet paper is one great way to go. This can both brighten up the room and impress guests. Let's face it, the bathroom could stand to be a little bit more interesting. It may have once been difficult to find such novelty items, but today the internet allows you to shop for practically anything you can imagine and have it shipped to your door. There are now plenty of good places to find novelty toilet paper.

JustToiletPaper.com has, as you might well imagine, a wide variety of different kinds of toilet paper. One of their best selling items is a gold monogrammed bath tissue. This novelty toilet paper can add a great touch of sophistication to your bathroom and will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. This tissue features a large gold letter of your choice with smaller gold letters in the background. The monogrammed toilet paper makes a great gift for newlyweds and housewarming parties, and even comes with special optional gift-wrapping.

Another interesting item is the Fleur de Lis novelty toilet paper. This is similar to the monogrammed paper, in that there is a large Fleur de Lis in the center of the roll, with smaller symbols in the background. This tissue comes in either black or gold. You can also get toilet paper rolls here with the symbol of the political party you love (or the one you love to hate). There are red elephant images for the Republicans, and blue donkeys for the Democrats. Again, there are smaller versions of the images in the background. Novelty toilet paper rolls like these are great gifts for anyone with an ear to politics.

There are also many other vendors selling unique toilet tissues. A quick search in Google or Yahoo will reveal dozens of sites. You can find novelty toilet paper with the logo of just about any sports team you wish, such as the Broncos or the Eagles. There are also many types that are designed to give you something interesting to do in the bathroom. The Sudoku roll is one of these, as is the crossword puzzle roll and the word search. Some even have tricky little brain training games.

Some of the best toilet papers are the ones that make people think or laugh, and other novelty toilet paper rolls have interesting and surprising things on them. Many of these are bathroom-oriented, but not all. Particularly popular are the rolls with 100 dollar bills printed on them – who wouldn't want to wipe with money? A little more surprising and hair-raising are the rolls with metal cheese graters printed on them, or sandpaper, or cactus needles.

Novelty toilet paper can add a touch of humor or sophistication to your bathroom. Why do you need plain white toilet tissue anyway? There is nothing stopping you from livening up your bathroom – your guests will certainly appreciate it. It also makes a surprising and interesting gift for many occasions, and now you know where to find it.

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