Zodiac Tattoo Design with Sagittarius and Leo

2012 is here, and already some of the things that people laughed at for the last few decades are now coming to pass. From climate change to planetary alignments, things are beginning to move, and fast! Suddenly, modern people are looking up to the stars again and realizing that they have taken on a refreshed importance in their daily consciousness.

Tattoos have always been a type of language, and this particular tongue stretches into every single culture on Earth. In America, the zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo has become extremely popular. This article explores a few things people should keep in mind when deciding to go with a zodiac tattoo.

How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

  1. The first thing someone should do is talk to people in their area that have really well done artwork. Everyone is happy to refer their artist if they’re in love with the results they carry around on their flesh. It’s a proven way to get to the best, but typically this could mean a longer waiting period.

  2. The second thing is to do homework on the artist being considered. Make sure to look at past projects, photos, testimonials, etc. Perhaps they are better at other styles and a zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo might not be up their alley.

  3. Thirdly, never choose a tattoo draft from impatience. Be serious, demand only the best, and only accept what matches up to your desires 100%. Good tattoo artists make serious money, and are used to being asked for revision after revision until their customers are happy.

  4. Choose an artist who offers follow up and touch up visits. Most artists will include a complimentary touch up with their work, but people usually don’t come back in. It’s incredibly easy to mishandle a fresh zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo and cause fading. Go back in and have the touch up done if necessary.

3 Tips to Make it Unique

There are a few things one can do to make sure that their zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo is unique, and individualized for extra meaning and worth.

  1. Whether or not one can draw, a rough personalized sketch can go a long ways in helping a tattoo artist fill in the blanks. Even a poorly done sketch can be more effective than tons of words.

  2. Take pictures, if possible, of similar tattoos or designs that are especially in line with a vision. These can be changed and manipulated in countless ways, but may provide an outline or basic idea if there is a lack of one.

  3. Do some research outside of Google. Go to a library and look at ancient books or texts on ancient astrology for lesser known versions of the zodiac signs, along with the mythologies surrounding them.

When it’s time to get a zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo, spare no expense or effort in making sure that it’s the perfect one that speaks for a sincere vision.

Photo Credit: Remko van Dokkum

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