HINT: It’s not about mastering the written letters, it’s THE SOUNDS.

What if you could learn all of the sounds that make up the American English language in one place, and make them part of your everyday speaking. If you can make the sounds, you can speak American English like a native speaker, and discover your American accent!

Access Includes:

Each sound has the following: (Click each for example)


A high resolution professional picture of the mouth and lip shape

Audio and written text of the sound, and description of how to make the sound

Audio and written text of 10 practice words

Audio and written practice sentence that features the sound

All pictures, words, sentences, audio and text are unique to this program, and not duplicated anywhere else on the web or mobile.

You can only find this collection here, and we are bringing it to you because we have heard from so many English learners around the world who say their greatest challenge learning American English is actually making the sounds.

Now there is a guide with all of the building blocks to speak any word and any sentence.

Don’t let the words and spelling of the English language fool you.

We've all seen English learners who take classes for years, but still can’t be understood when they speak.

Where is the logic in that?!?

If you learn all of the unique sounds that make up the language, you can make those sounds when you speak.

Then people will understand you when you talk, because you sound like an American.

Success Stories

"I think the real reason why this was most helpful is because of it’s simplicity. There is so much on the internet about learning English and it’s hard to see what is important and what is not, but after I got the complete sounds collection and realized everything was made of that, I made much quicker progress. I have tried charts and videos, but for some reason it was much easier the way it is presented here. I was able to understand how it works and apply each sound to my own voice. This is the first time I found something that really broke it down in a way I could understand and use, so thank you!"

Bilal Hamidou from Algeria

"I am so glad I found this! I didn’t think it would help as much as it did, but it has helped me improve to change my professional career and personal life. I can proudly say that my pronunciation and the way I speak is now understood on a regular basis. Since I started, I knew I was pronouncing and speaking incorrectly, but this simple collection of sounds made it so I could correct myself and improve a lot. At work, I am now able to speak more confidently and powerfully to those who used to have superior speaking ability. I am surprised at how helpful this is and I now know how to say every word that I mean, when before I couldn’t often pronounce them correctly."

"Seen a lot of videos that were helpful, but this actually broke it down for me better than those. When I started looking and listening to these samples when I practiced, I was surprised. I had a hard time before communicating with some people because of my accent, but now sounds and words made sense in a way that it didn’t before, and I started sounding better when I speak. This was the best combination of exercises to give me the fast results I was looking for."

"I don’t usually write reviews, but this time I said yes because it really helped. It seems like a simple thing, but I guess that’s why it works. I tried all these videos and long explanation and other things, but this really worked for me to know how each sound works first and then put them together. It seems so much easier now, I don’t know why all this extra stuff is everywhere when this is all I needed to really understand how to speak and practice. It was worth the price just to make sense of it all. This collection gives you all you need, because when I speak English I am now able to speak with the proper American accent. Thank you."

"The Complete American Sounds Collection has helped my students gain confidence when they are speaking, and help them communicate with English speakers easier! Getting to where they can be understood when they talk is wonderful. I strongly suggest this to anyone who wishes to improve their English communication skills in the U.S."

"Thank you very much for this download! I spoke with some of my friends in my country and showed them how to say a few words like an American, and they were very impressed (especially the word "really")! When I first was deciding to get this I was not sure, but it’s no wonder that everybody had positive comments. I use this guide now whenever I learn a new word or phrase, and I’m looking forward to putting it to good use as I get better and better and more fluent at speaking English."

"This actually makes more sense than the other resources I have found because it cuts right to the chase of the heart of the matter—giving my students tools to make sounds that all students need to make in order to speak. Lots of other resources out there for categorizing, charting, documenting, and listening, but this simple resource with the pictures and audio files is surprisingly helpful for actually getting the students speaking in a way that makes sense. The original tongue-twister sentences for practice are silly but VERY effective, and I actually use them all now in my classes! A couple of the r-sound vowel combinations are missing, but everything else seems to be there, and that’s a small complaint compared to how useful it’s been for my students. Thanks guys!"

"I wondered what this had that the other stuff out there didn’t so I bought it, and this is the best self-pronunciation tool I have ever used. It shouldn’t be this easy, but really I guess that’s why I needed it. I found a better job because of my improved English speaking skills, so I would like to thank you for this product. It helped me to improve my English speaking and be better understood by native American speakers, and to change my life!"

"In my English class, the students are all from different places and parts of the world and have a lot of different accents. I’m very happy to find this course. It was hard to say words like Americans for those in my class, but with this course they are learning how to say words correctly and apply all of the vowels and sounds to their speech now. My students are all asking me why it is so easy now when I show them how to make the correct sounds for each word and move the lips and place the tongue!"

"I should have done this a long time ago, but better late than never. I already knew English for quite a while, but speaking was different than knowing and listening. After using this collection when I practice, I’ve gotten so much more confident and improved my accent in such a short amount of time. It’s so much more fun when you get better at something and it starts to make sense, and I look forward to improving my speech further. This collection is full of valuable tips that I was able to put into practice immediately, so thank you very, very much!"

"I recently interviewed for a position where I would be working with a lot of American English speakers, and I successfully got the job. I am grateful for having this collection of sounds audio program for all the help in preparing me for this. I use it regularly to improve my pronunciation and communication skills, and that’s when I started to really improve. Now I can finally say I don’t just know some English, I SPEAK it!"

"I can still remember what I sounded like trying to speak English before I got this. This collection was a wonderful help! I tried other things on the internet, but I think this made more sense, and it gave me faster results. It was so convenient and easy, even though I’m from Korea and the sounds are American. I highly recommend this download for all English learners, even people who already know a lot of the language like me. "

"The difference between learning about English and actually knowing English is communicating with others."

"You can’t do that without speaking English, and you can’t speak English without learning to make the sounds."

American English Sounds
Complete Collection

Pictures, Audio & Text of All Vowel and Consonant Sounds

Pictures of mouth placement, description of how to make each sound, 10 practice words, and original practice sentences
in audio & written format