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When looking for an appropriate German to English online translator, you will have to decide how accurate and meaningful you need your translation to be. For most day-to-day uses, a free translation service will be an acceptable option. In more important situations such as interviews, large business projects, or academic and political writing, you may want to pay for a professional translation service. It is usually best to try a few different services to see if any discrepancies arise, and make sure to do your research before committing on a service. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from.

A good place to start looking for the right German to English online translator is with through major search engines. Both Bing and Google have good quality, free translation services. Babelfish, another online translator, allows you to translate either 150 words at a time or an entire web page, making it easy for you to have access to German sites relevant to you.

Another great site to use is Translation2. The German to English online translator on this site is interesting because it lets you choose between different translation services while remaining on the same page. You can compare the PROMT, Babylon, Google, and Microsoft translators easily, helping you choose the translation that you understand to be most accurate. The site also contains a text-to-speech feature that will let you listen to your translation so that you not only know how to spell what you’d like to say, but also have the ability to speak it. There is also an online German-English dictionary, and you can download the entire translation service to your computer to use offline.

FreeTranslation is a translation site that also comes complete with tons of helpful tools and services. It will let you translate many document, email, and chat file formats. They also have an iPhone application to let you translate easily from anywhere you go. This site offers corporate and industry-grade translation services for sectors such as aerospace engineering, electronics and technology, the life sciences, IT and software, and tourism.

For major business projects and extremely complicated text you may want to consider Click2Translate. This German to English online translator delivers the highest quality translations. You will need to submit your project details and get a quote before you will know the cost, but you can be sure that they will meet your needs. They will translate any document type, and are proficient in marketing, technical information, manuals, websites, software, and employee handbooks.

Whatever your translation needs, the web offers seemingly countless opportunities for you to find the right kind of German to English translator for you, so that you will be sure to have the type of translation that best meets your needs.

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