Best Ways to Learn Vietnamese

Vietnamese is a Southeast Asian language spoken by 82 million people. It is the national and official language of Vietnam, a country located on the eastern and southern part of the Indochinese peninsula. Vietnamese is also spoken in many other countries such as the USA, China, Cambodia, France, Australia, Laos, and Canada. If you are looking to live or visit Vietnam or to a place where Vietnamese is commonly spoken, learning Vietnamese would be in your best interests. The remainder of the article will show you the best ways to learn Vietnamese.

  1. Take a Class
    The most traditional way of learning a new language is by taking a class. Visit local schools and colleges and ask if they are offering English to Vietnamese classes. You can also search online to see where Vietnamese classes are being taught around your area. The classroom setting is a great way to learn a new language because you are able to ask the instructor questions and meet new people who are interested in learning what you want to learn. Additionally, you can search through accredited websites to find Vietnamese classes that are available online.

  2. Teach yourself online
    The most efficient and cost effective way to learn a new language is by utilizing free resources online. The following is a list of online websites where you can learn Vietnamese.

    • Omniglot Vietnamese -
      Omniglot offers a useful list of English to Vietnamese translated words and phrases. The site shows translations in their written and scripted forms. Omniglot also conveniently offers an audio option for all words and phrases so you are able to hear and practice correct pronunciations.

    • Vietnamese 101 -
      Vietnamese 101 offers a number of resources to learn the basics of Vietnamese and more. The site provides lessons in pronunciations such as vowels, consonants, and tones. There are also vocabulary lessons including such topics as numbers, time, colors, transportation, eating, etc. 101 languages provides pdf and audio lessons that can be easily downloaded for personal devices. The site also contains a wealth of interesting miscellaneous features such as Vietnamese radio, Vietnamese newspapers, and information on Vietnam geography and history.

    • Everyday Viet -
      Everyday Viet is an online website that is solely dedicated on teaching Vietnamese. Their mission is to provide as many online resources as possible for people interested in learning Vietnamese and to be able to interact and communicate with the Vietnamese community. The site provides a wide range of video lessons that can also be found on YouTube. The lessons focus on teaching the basics of Vietnamese such as words, phrases, and important vocabulary. The teacher speaks clearly and gives good explanations. The video are detailed, well-explained, and conveniently show words and phrases the way they are written and how they would be pronounced.

  3. Language Exchange through Lrngo
    Language exchange is the process of learning another language in exchange for teaching a language you already know. For example, you can ask a native speaker to teach you Vietnamese if in return you help that person improve on their English. Language exchange allows you to meet new people, teach what you know to others, and learn the language and culture of the people. is a website that facilitates free learning and language exchange with others. By typing in your zip code, city, or country of residence, you can find hundreds of people who are willing to teach certain subjects and who want to learn other subjects. If you know English and are interested in learning Vietnamese, for example, you can participate in a language exchange with someone who knows Vietnamese and is interested in learning English. Don’t feel comfortable teaching another language in exchange for learning one? You can also exchange lessons in something else you are skilled at such as the piano, basketball, or biology.

    Lrngo allows you to meet people around your area for a language exchange lesson like at the public library, park, or university. Interacting with people who do not live locally is not a problem either because lessons can be easily given through online face-to-face video chats such as Skype, Oovoo, or Google Hangouts. Along with providing language and learning exchange options, Lrngo can also help connect you to private tutors and schools teaching what you are interested in around your area.

    If you are interested in learning Vietnamese in a fun and new way, doing a language exchange would be the best way to go. If you are interested in signing up for Lrngo and learning more about this process, visit

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