Experience Italy for Free by Learning Italian

Whether you’re in it for the art or the food (or another reason, but let’s face it, what’s better than Italian pasta and architecture?), you’ve decided that you want to learn Italian. If you’re reading this page, you’ve obviously taken the first few steps towards learning Italian, so congratulations! Unfortunately, it doesn’t just take a firm resolve to learn to know a language; you’ve also got to find the right resources and stick to them.

The great thing about language learning today is that there are tons of opportunities to learn for free as the world becomes smaller and more people are interested in learning multiple languages. Check out these resources for free Italian language learning, figure out which works best for you and get started!

Language Exchange

If you like the idea of working one-on-one with a tutor, but want to avoid the cost, then this is most likely the best option for you. Keep in mind that working with a human being on language learning will give you the opportunity to be flexible with what you’re learning, cater to the things that you need the most help with, and give you valuable cultural insight and conversation practice. Sites like LRNGO offer you a free platform to connect with a language exchange partner locally or anywhere in the world through video chat. Spend an hour of your time teaching a skill you have (everyone has a skill, even if it’s your native language!) and gain valuable tutoring in exchange.


Learn Italian with Lucrezia is perfect for beginners looking to get a grasp on the basics of the Italian language and culture. Lucrezia posts episodes every Monday so you are guaranteed to have new material frequently. Sometimes, when the inspiration strikes, she even posts Italian recipe videos, now who wouldn’t want that Italian lesson?

ItalianPod101 focuses on vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic phrases in their videos. This channel is good for foundation work, or those looking to have a general understanding of the language for travel purposes.

Learn Italian Easy is for those who like their lessons centered on everyday, real life situations like getting coffee or going to the beach. This channel is also best for those looking to travel, as it doesn’t focus on grammar.


Learn Italian Pod offers tons of podcasts on a variety of topics for all different skill levels. Not only is there tons of useful content, but it is also easy to sort through with four different levels from beginner to advanced and the option of separating by category.

News in Slow Italian is for those who have a basic understanding of Italian and want to practice their listening skills while simultaneously keeping up with modern events and cultural happenings.

30 Minute Italian is a great resource if you’re planning on setting aside some time to listen to a podcast. The range of episodes spans greatly and they are all available for free on iTunes.

General Websites

BBC Italian is a great resource for all kinds of Italian language learning tools. From a free online course, news and radio links, vocabulary exercises, and more, you’ll be sure to find something useful to you on this site.

Learn a Language offers free Italian courses and more with a free Facebook log in (done this way in order to keep the course free for users), and offers ways to check your progress and encourage you to continue learning.

One World Italiano is another place to find full, free Italian lessons. There are multiple options for varying learning levels and a YouTube course to boot (no pun intended).

Italian 101 is an awesome place to go if you’re looking for links to Italian news, TV, or radio. They also provide a bunch of useful information on Italian basics.

Now with all of these resources, you have no excuse not to get started on your Italian language learning today! If you persist, you will succeed, so dive in and keep swimming until you feel confident in your Italian.

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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